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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NTS Sample Paper for Assistant Admin

Elementary and Secondary Education Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Screening Test for Appointments
Test Date: Saturday, 23rd November & Sunday, 24th November 2013


1.    18 ÷ 0.04 =?

A.       4.5
B.       45
C.        450
D.       4,500
E.        45,000

2.    What is 0.1 percent expressed as a decimal?

A.       0.001
B.       0.01
C.        0.1
D.       1
E.        10.0

3.     is closest to:

A.       5
B.       5.4
C.        5.5
D.       5.6
E.        5.7

4.    Print preview command is useful to have a look at the document before it goes to ________.

A.       monitor
B.       printer
C.        scanner
D.       web cam

5.    MS Excel files contain ________.

A.               sheets
B.               pages
C.                wallpapers
D.               slides

6.    How will you define ‘Internet’ in the simplest way?

A.       very large network
B.       global network of networks
C.        network of computers in a city
D.       all of the above

7.    The term “PUC” stands for:

A.       Person Under Consideration
B.       Paper Under Consideration
C.        Problem Under Consideration
D.       Position Under Consideration
The form of official correspondence used for communication between various divisions is called:

A.       Office memorandum
B.       Demi-Official Letter
C.        Un-official letter
D.       Memorandum

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