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General Knowledge Notes:Complete Notes for Preparation of General Knowledge Tests/Examinations by various departments like PPSC,SPSC,NTS,CSS,PMS,KPPSC,BPSC,AJKPSC,COPMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS,NAVY,PAF,ARMY,POLICE.Download General Knowledge MCQs Book
General Knowledge MCQs,Questions,Notes,Questions with Answers,Quiz,Online Tests,Important Solved Questions.

General Knowledge Portion regarding Latest Top world countries Current Affairs information about their Heads,Politics,Economics,Population,Media,Area,Capital,Currency,Festivals and other more popular info.

USA   United Kingdom  Switzerland   Australia   UAE India   Saudia                
General Knowledge Questions Answers Practice Tests for preparation of Jobs tests. These questions have been taken from past papers of competitive examination. I have tried my best to provide you authentic information, if you find any mistake please inform us.

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General Knowledge MCQs Tests which are prepared from past papers of CSS,PMS Exams and other exams conducted by public service commissions and other departments.
MCQs Tests-1            MCQs Tests-3        MCQs Tests-5                                                                 
MCQs Tests-2            MCQs Tests-4        MCQs Tests-6                                                                          
MCQs Tests-7            MCQs Tests-9        MCQs Tests-10
MCQs Tests-8            MCQs Tests-11      MCQs Tests-12                            
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General Knowledge of World Countries Tallest,Longest,Largest,First. This is a beautiful piece of gk portion. Page-1    Page-2   Page-3   Page-4

    General Knowledge World Cups regarding Cricket,Hockey,Foot Ball which are world’s most popular games.Also a collection of Knowledge information of other sports.  
    Cricket    Foot Ball   Hockey
    General Knowledge of World Organisations Founded,Members                                                       Countries,Aims,Departments,Agemcies,Pacts                                     
    SAARC      OIC          UNO       International Organization      
    Organizations and Pacts                                 
    • World Famous Popular

      General Knowledge of World Countries Capitals,Currencies,Religions. Mostly every jobs test has few questions of such type  Language Religion 

      General Knowledge of world seven 7 continents Area,Population,Countries,Rivers,Lakes etc
        Solar System Consists of Sun and its 8 planets. A brief information about solar system for basic science tests portionSaturn Uranus and Neptune               
        Mars and Jupiter   Earth           Venus            Mercury           Solar System


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