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FTS SST CT PET TT DM Qari PST Jobs 2019 KPK Syllabus MCQs

Monday, December 11, 2017

PEC 5th Class Islamiat Annual Examination Model Paper Solved

PEC 5th Class Islamiat Annual Examination Model Paper Solved
Punjab Examination Commission
Examination 2016, Grade 5
Islamiyat Part - A (Objective Type)
Part A:30 marks, Part B:30 Marks, Nazra:40 Marks Total Marks:100

Part A (Multiple Choice Questions)

1.Which practice can save many resources?

2.Obedience of Holy Prophet means:
To obey Allah's orders
To obey Holy Prophet's companions' (Sahaba Karam) orders
To obey the Holy Prophet's orders
To obey the Saints's orders

3.The Holy Prophet  declared the month of sympathy:
Rabi ul Awal

4.Which pillar of Islam makes one realize starvation of others?
Fasting (Roza)
Prayer (Namaz)
Fight for Allah (Jihad)
Pilgrimage (Hajj)

5.The Holy Prophet gathered Ansaar and Muhajreen to develop brotherhood
among them in the house of:
Hazrat Zaid bin Haris 
Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari 
Hazrat Ans bin Malik 
Hazrat Abu Zar Ghafari 

6.What came to an end by declaring Madina as Holy city?
Concept of religious empowerment
Tribal proudness of Quraish
Concept of Arab and Ajam 
All kind of unrest

7.What condition was fixed to free the Non-believer prisoners in Ghazwa (Battle) Badr?
They embrace Islam
Teach how to read and write to ten Muslim children
Free Muslim prisioners
Co-operate for the uplift of religion Islam 

8.If passion of Ghazwa (Battle) Badr is developed in Muslims now a days they will:
Spread Islam rapidly
Progress rapidly
Become financially strong
Behave well with each others

9.Eid ul Fitar is celebrated on:
10th Zilhajj
1st Shawal
27th Rajab
15th Shaaban

10.According to sayings of Holy Prophet one who does not fulfill promise
He has no religion
He is not honest
He is not trustworthy 
He is not true believer

11.To spend one's wealth according to need and not to cross limit is called:
Fulfillment of the Promise
Moderation in expenses

12.The quality that develops in the society by forgiving each others is:

13.On what day all the people will be answerable for their deeds?
Last Friday of Ramadan
Eid Day

14.Hazrat Usman Ghani  sent the scripts of Holy Quran compiled by Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique  to:
Governors of Islamic state
Governors of Syria
Commanders of Islamic army
Rulers of Roman state

15.The reason of migration of Hazrat Usman Ghani  toward Habsha (Ethopia) was:
Cruelty of Non-believers
Getting education

1 b 4 b 7 b 10 a 13 d
2 c 5 c 8 a 11 c 14 a
3 c 6 d 9 a 12 a 15 b

Islamiyat Part B (Subjective Type) 

Q-16.(a) What is meant by Brotherhood (Muakhaat)? Describe the Brotherhood of Madina

(b).What is meant by Ansaar and Muhajareen? (2+2)

(c). Where did the Holy Prophet (PBUH)gather Ansaar and Muhajareen and what
did he say to them?(1+2)

Q-17.(a) Who has taken the responsibility of guarding the Holy Quran? 1

(b).Quote the sayings of Allah and the Holy Prophet (PBUH ) about the recitation
of the Holy Quran? 2+2

(c). Write five norms for reciting the verses of the Holy Quran:5

Q-18.(a) Write the names of father and mother of Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed 1+1

(b).Why did the Holy Prophet (PBUH) give the title of Saifullah to
Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed 4

(c). Describe any four services rendered by Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed  for Islam.4

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