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Friday, October 13, 2017

10th Class Try Again The Rain Peace Easy Summary Notes

Summary 10th Class

Try Again
Written by W.E.Hickson

This beautiful little poem has been written by William Edward Hick son. This poem is a moral lesson for us. In this poem the poet says if at first you do not succeed try again to get your goal. We should not give up our struggle during failure. We should learn from failure. Try again is only the gate way to success. In other words poet tries to explain the importance of try again in life. Many people get frustrated after failure and give up their struggle. So we can say that try again is the only way to be successful.

The Rain
Written by W.H.Davies

This beautiful poem has been written by W.H.Davies. In this short poem the poet describes a reality of life through the example of rain. He says that he hears the leaves drinking rain. The leaves on top are full of water of rain. The upper leaves after quenching their thirst pass on the drops to the lower leaves. It means that the rich people should help the poor. The poet says the sun will come out after raining and will brighten up each rain drop. It will be a lovely sight. The poet means to say that there would be equality in the society just like the sunshine which spreads all over the world equally. This poem has symbolic meanings and a beautiful message for rich people.

Written by Dr.Hartmann

This short poem has been written by Dr.Hartmann. In this poem the poetess describes a reality of life. She presents the example of wind before us. She says that wind has positive and negative impact. Wind in the form of storm smashes everything and destroys trees, fields and buildings. But when the wind is gentle and cool it gives lives to buds, birds and humans. We have to experience storms to enjoy peace.
It means that we should face hardships of life with courage and patience. Hardworking and bravely is key to the success. At the end we can say that poetess explains the reality of life through the example of wind. We can enjoy life after passing through hardships.