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Lecturer English MCQs Paper Answer Key

Lecturer English MCQs Paper Answer Key
Solved MCQs Paper of English for Test of Lecturer and other NTS, PTS, OTS Tests

1.     (b) Beckett

2.     (e) None of these (Virginia Woolf)

3.     (c) Hamlet

4.     (a) James Joyce

5.    (b) Pride and Prejudice

6.    (e) None of these (Tennyson)

7.    (a) Ted Hughes

8.    (d) Shaw

9.    (a) Gulliver’s Travels

10.    (c) Frost

11.    (d) Augustan age

12.     (b) Lady Chatterley’s Lover

13.    (c) King Lear

14.    (c) Keats

15.    (c) Eliot

16.    (d) The Second coming

17.    (e) None of these (Mending Wall)

18.    (a) The Wasteland

19.    (b) Hemmingway

20.    (a) Forester

21.     (b) Shelley

22.     (c) 1795

23.     (b) Charles Lamb

24.     (a) Oscar Wild

25.(c) Victorian Age

26.(c) 1770-1850

27.(b) Thomas Carlyle

28.(e) None of these (The Prelude)

29.(d) Dickens

30.(a) Tennyson

31.(c) Essayists

32.(d) Browning

33.a. Wuthering heights

34.(b) Wordsworth

35.(a) Ode on a Grecian Urn

36.(a) Scott

37.(e) None of these (William Wordsworth)

38.(d) Carlyle

39.(a) Ruskin

40.a. Don Juan

41.(c) Bradley

42.(b) Laertes

43.(d) E.M. Forster

44.(b) Tennyson

45.(a) T.S. Eliot

46.(a) 1949

47.(a) 1925

48.(c) W.B. Yeats

49.(d) T.S. Eliot

50.(d) D.H. Lawrence


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