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FTS SST CT PET TT DM Qari PST Jobs 2019 KPK Syllabus MCQs

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Solved General Knowledge about founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam

Q: In which court did he first register himself as a barrister?
A: Bombay High Court

Q: When was he enrolled as a barrister at Bombay High Court?
A: August 24,1896

Q: To whom he was first introduced as a lawyer?
A: Advocate General of Bombay, Mac Pherson

Q: When was Quaid-e-Azam first appointed as Third Presidency Magistrate in Bombay?
A: 1900

Q: When did he become a member of Orient Club Bombay?
A: 1902

Q: When did he join Municipal Corporation Bombay as a legal advisor?
A: 1903

Q: When was he elected as member of Bombay Corporation?
A: 1904

Q: When was he nominated as a representative of Bombay Presidency Association to plead the In-dian case before the British electorate?
A: 1905

Q: When did he resign from the membership of Bom-bay Corporation?
A: 1907

Q: When did his political career begin?
A: 1906

Q: When did he join Indian National Congress?
A: 1906

Q: When did he join All fndia Muslim League?
A: 1913

Q: Who had invited him to join Muslim League?
A: Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar

Q: When was he elected Vice President of Indian Muslim Association?
A: 1907

Q: When was he elected member Executive Committee of Anjuman Zia-ul-Islam?
A: 1907

Q: When did he become Private Secretary to Congress President Dadabhai Naoroji?
A: 1906

Q: When was Qua id-e-Azam elected to Imperial Legislative Council of India?
A: 1909

Q: From which constituency he was elected to the Council?
A: Bombay Presidency

Q: When did he join Home Rule League?
A: 1916

Q: Who founded Home Rule League?
A: Annie Besant

Q: When did he leave Congress?
A: 1920

Q: Why had he resigned from Congress?
A: In protest of Gandhi's resolution of noncooperation movement against the British regime

Q: When did Quaid-e-Azam first become President of Muslim League?
A: 1916

Q: When did he present his famous 14 points?
A: March28,1929

Q: Where did he present them?
A: During the session of All India Muslim League at Delhi

Q: Why did he come up with his 14 points?
A: It was in response to the unjust Nehru Report which had fallen short of the just demands of the Muslims

Q: With whom did he represent the Muslim delega-tion in the first as well as the second Round Table Conference?
A: Maulana Muhammad All Jauhar

Q: Did Quaid-e-Azam join the Civil Disobedience. Movement which was launched by Gandhi ?
A: No. Because he was against violating the laws

Q: In how many Round Table Conferences did he participate?
A: Two

Q: When was the first conference held?
A: 1930.

Q: When was the second conference held?
A: 1932

Q: Were the conferences a success story?'
A: No

Q: When did Quaid-e-Azam return to India to reorganise Muslim League?
A: 1937

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