FTS SST CT PET TT DM Qari PST Jobs 2019 KPK Syllabus MCQs

FTS SST CT PET TT DM Qari PST Jobs 2019 KPK Syllabus MCQs

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Class 9th 10th Important Preposition Notes

 Class 9th 10th Important Preposition Notes
1.  He was not aware________ my difficulties.          (of, about)
2.  He is eligible ________ this post.            (to, for)
3.  I was grieved ________ his loss.            (at, on)
4.  This chair is made ________ wood.            (of, with)
5.  Please send __________ the doctor.            (for, to)
6.  I agree ________ you in this matter.            (to, with)
7.  This angle is equal __________ that.            (for, to)
8.  He did not act ___________ my advice.          (on, upon)
9.  She feels __________ the poor.            (for, on)
10.  Always trust _________ God.            (on, in)
11.  He was accused ________ theft.            (to, of)
12.  You should be ashamed ___________ your behaviour.      (of, to)
13.  Pakistan is dear ____________ us.            (for, to)
14.  She was engaged ___________ a rich man.          (with, to)
15. Her name was not included _______ the list of prize-winners.    (in, to)
16.  Lahore is famous _________ its historical buildings.      (of, for)
17.  We should always be prepared to die ________ our country.    (of, for)
18.  He has no confidence _________ his parents.        (on, in)
19. Muslims believe __________ the oneness of Allah.        (on, in)
20.  She was angry __________ my behaviour.          (with, at)
21.  I am inclined ____________ believe her.          (to, on)
22. Do not be jealous __________ others.          (from, of)
23.  She is weak __________ Mathematics.          (in, of)
24.  This building is suitable ________ residence.        (to, for)
25.  He will retire ________ service next year.          (with, from)
26.  He always relies __________ his own efforts.        (at, on)
27. Women are very particular _________ their dress.        (about, for)
28.  I could not dream ________ these comfort.          (for, of)
29.  Smoking is injurious _________ health.          (for, to)
30.  I prefer walking _________ going by bus.          (to, on)
31. She is sure __________ her success.            (of, with)
32.  We must always hope ________ the best.          (for, on)
33.  The basket was full _______ flowers.          (with, of)
34.  We believe ________ one God.            (to, in)
35.  She takes no interest ________ studies.          (in, for)
36.  He did not object ________ my proposal.          (on, to)
37.  The teacher made a complaint _______ his son.        (against, with)
38.  He was guilty ________ stealing.            (in, of)
39.  The whole family depends _________ her for its living.      (into, on)
40. They were informed ________ my expected arrival.        (to, of)
41. Pinky failed __________ Mathematics.          (with, in)
42.  They have no control ___________ their son.        (on, over)
43. I am sorry ____________ what I have done.          (with, for)
44.  He does not care _________ me.            (of, for)
45.  I have no taste ________ music.            (in, for)
46.  He was shocked __________ the news of the accident.      (at, to)
47.  She was not ignorant _________ her shortcomings.        (by, of)
48.  The driver was in the habit _________ driving.        (with, of)
49.  The man was walking ________ the wrong side of the road.    (in, on)
50. Look _________ the left and right side before crossing the road.    (on, at)
51. We learn ________ practice.              (with, by)
52.  He jumped _______ the river.            (in, into)
53.  You will agree _______ me.              (with, to)
54.  You must devote yourself _________ your studies.        (for, to)
55. Who is standing _________ the door?          (in, at)
56.  A son was born _______ her.              (to, from)
57.  He died ________ cancer.              (of, from)
58.  They are faithful ______ her.             (with, to)
59.  Let us hope _______ the best.            (to, for)
60. She assured me ________ her help.            (to, of)

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