FTS SST CT PET TT DM Qari PST Jobs 2019 KPK Syllabus MCQs

FTS SST CT PET TT DM Qari PST Jobs 2019 KPK Syllabus MCQs

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Assistant Education Officer AEO Jobs Test Syllabus

Friends this details are according to 2016 recruitment policy, in new policy 2017 syllabus and selection criteria has changed. See here
Nomen-clature of Post  Assistant Education Officer

Academic Qualification ( at least 2nd div)

B.Sc with at least two subjects out of
Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Math
Math A course, Math B course
Master Degree in anyone of the subjects
i.e English, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology,
Botany, Mathematics,

Professional Qualification


Test (100 Marks) for AEOs:
a. Course content of text books of Primary Classes, SLOs, Curriculum,
Early Child Education, Assessment, Item Development, Quality Drive,
CPD, Literacy & Numeracy Drive.30 Marks

b. Article 25-A, The Punjab Free & Compulsory Education Act, 2010,
100% enrolment of children of school going age. 100% retention
of enrolled students, Quality Education.20 Marks

School Reforms Road Map Recruitment Policy-2016 for
Educators and AEOs Consolidation of Primary Schools
Rationalization of TeachersFesibility for Establishment of School
Faroogh-e-Taleem Fund
Non Salary Budget (NSB)
School Council Policy
Maintenance of Service Book
School Record
20 Marks

d. The Punjab Employees Efficiency Discipline and Accountability Act, 2006 The Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act,2010The Punjab School Education Department (School Education) Service Rules, 2014 The Revised Leave Rules, 1981            (15 Marks)

e. English GrammarComprehension and 15 Marks


Interview    5
Professional Qualification 5
Academic Qualification 60
Marks a llocated for Matric 10
Marks allocated for Intermediate  15
Marks allocated for Graduation 15
Marks allocated for Master Degree  15
Marks allocated for M.PhiI/Ph.D  5
Marks allocated for Test  30
Total Merit Marks. 100


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