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Punjab District Chakwal Profile General Knowledge

Chakwal was created as an independent district of Rawalpindi Division in 1985 by combining sub division Chakwal of district Jhelum, sub division Talagang of district Attock and the police station
Choa Saidan Shah, carved out of sub division Pind Dandan Khan of district Jhelum.
  • Lying at the beginning of the Potohar plateau and theSalt Range, Chakwal is a barani district and the terrain             is mainly hilly,coveredwith scrub forest in the south-west, and leveled plains interspaced withdry rocky patches         in the north-east.
  • The physical features of the district, its tribes, itssociety and its economy all combine to make Chakwal one of the main recruiting areas for the armed forces.
  • At present district Chakwal consists of 4 sub-divisions:Chakwal, Talagang, Choa Saidan Shah and Kallar Kahar.
Historical Places
KallarKahar (Takht- e- Babri) KallarKahar
KatasRaj ( Hindu Temples) Katas
BunAmeer Khatoon BunAmeer Khatoon
UndarwalKabristan BunAmeer Khatoon
Sumerkand Fort MairaAima
KasikFort Vatlee
Bawoliof Shair Shah Katas
Susitha Qalirah Chinji
NandanaFort Ara
MalotFort Malot
Small Dams in District Chakwal
No.of Small Dams12
Name of Small DamsKhokher Zer, Surlah, Dhoke Talian, Kot Raja, Dhoke Qutab Din, Nikka,Walana, Khai Gurabh, Pira Fatehal, Bhagtal, Dhurnal, Mial
Storage Capacity26,411 in acres feet
Area Benefiting11,089 acres
Under Construction4 (Dharabi , Khai, Minwal & Ghazial)
Proposed Sites Dhok Sial Dam (Balkassar), Munday Dam, Kot Sarang Dam, Mishran WalaKund Dam, Nikki Dam (Hajial), Nukko Dam (Padshahan),Dhoke Hum (Chokandi)

Chakwal was given the status of district in 1985. Attock and Rawalpindi districts are located on its North;
Khushab on its South, Jhelum on its East andMianwali district is on its West, comprising of following Four Tehsils:- 

2.Choa Saidan Shah


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