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Punjab District Attock Profile General Knowledge

Attock District 

is a district in the north-west Punjab Province of Pakistan.
The district was created in April 1904 by the merger of Talagang Tehsil in the Jhelum District with the Pindigheb, Fatehjang and Attock tehsils from Rawalpindi District of the Punjab province of British India.
Attock District is a place of great historic significance. Alexander the Great of Macedonia passed through it as did the first Mughal, Babar, and the various Afghan Sultans before him.
Emperor Akbar the Great, the grandson of Babar, recognizing the strategic importance of this area in 1581 built his famous Attock Fort complex here. The fall of Mughal Empire in 18th century saw the rise of Hindu Maratha state and Sikhs in Punjab and Durrani Afghans to the west. Once again Attock became a battle ground between two contending powers. Maratha Peshwa's brother Raghunathrao won Attock and flagged Hindu dominance over this area in 1758. But in Third battle of Panipat Marathas lost to Ahmead Shah Abdali and lost the control of this region. British finally ended the feud by subjugating both Sikhs and Afghans in the 19th century

Attock District original name was Attock it changes Campbellpur after the Briton Sir Colin Campbell who founded the city of Campbellpore. The name of the district was changed to Attock as of 1978 again. Attock city is the district headquarters.
Attock District is bordered by the Haripur and Swabi districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to the north, the district of Rawalpindi to the east, the district of Chakwal to the southeast, the district of Mianwali to the southwest, and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa's districts of Kohat and Nowshera to the west and northwest. The river Indus forms the western boundary of the district.

Important Places
There are a number of historical monuments in thedistrict which are famous throughout the country. Some of the major ones are:

  • Attock Fort;
  • Begum Sarai;
  • Attock Bridge;
  • Parks in the Kala Chitta Range;
  • Artillery Centre;
  • Hydro Power Station of Ghazi-Brotha Project

Quitelarge number of industrial units manufacturing cement, textile, engineerillgoods and glass, mostly located along the G.T. Road exist in Attock. Some of the significal units are asunder :

1.    Lawrencepur Woollen & Textile Mills, Lawrencepur;
2.    Burhan Woollen Mills, Burhan;
3.    Sohail Flour Mills, Hattian;
4.    AI-Khalid Flour Mills, Lawrencepur;
5.    Attock Flour Mills, Hattian;
6.     Darya Flour Mills, Lawrencepur;
7.    Shama Flour Mills, Lawrencepur;
8.    Campbellpur Flour Mills, Attock City;
9.     Liveflying Gas Private Mills, Attock City;
10.   Fon GasFilling, Dhural ;
11.   P.S.O Gas,Dhurnal;
12.   PakistanOil Field Limited, Khaur;
13.   SuiSouthern Gas, Dhurnal;
14.   Life LimeGas Private Limited, Meyal;
15.   Fon GasFilling Meyal;
16.   BurshaneGas Filling Plant, Meyal;
17.   AttockTextile Mills, land;
18.   FamousFlour Mills, Pind Sultani;

Besides Kamra AeronauticalComplex and Sanjwal Ordinance Factories are located in the district and naveprovided employment opportunities to The local residents besides providingdefence equipment, services and ammunition to Pakistan Army an Force.


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