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General Information District Khushab

Khushab is situated between Sargodhaand Mianwali, near the river Jhelum. The district isheadquartered at Jauharabad (founded 1953, pop. 39,477).
This distt. is full of natuaral beauty containing Jhelum River,Fields,Mountains(Skaisar) andThal desert.Its important towns includedQuaida-bad,Jauhara-bad,Mithtawana,Nowshera.
Jauharabad is beautiful city for residence having wide roadsand rate is increasing in Khushab distt.Top Schools andcolleges included are Fauji Foundation Khushab,DPS Khushab,The educatorsJauharabad.Now there is a campus of Arid University in Khushab.
Neighbour cities are Sargodha,Mianwali,Bhakher,Jhelumand Jhang.
The soon valley sakasir is one of the beautiful area of Diss.Khushab.
There is three beautiful lakes(Ochali. Khabbaki. Sodhi jaywali) and a beautiful Garden Kanhatti Garden near Khabbaki village. Hereis a very bigest forest in Disst. khushab soonvalley area
People and Culture
Places to visit Khabikki Lake Khabikki Lake is a salt water lake in thesouthern Salt Rangearea in Pakistan.This lake is formed due to the absence of drainage in the range. Earlier itswater was brackish. Now the water is sweet and a Chinese breed of fish isintroduced in it.
The lake is one kilometer wide and two kilometres long.Khabikki is also the name of a neighbouring village. Boats are also availableand there is a rest house beside the lake. A hill gently ascended on the rightside of the lake. The lake and the green area around provide a good scenery.
Uchhali is a salt water lake in the southern Salt Range area in Pakistan.This lake is formed due to the absence of drainage in the range. Sakaser (1522metre / 4946 feet), the highest mountain in the Salt Range, looms over the lake. Due toits brackish water the lake is lifeless. But it offers a picturesque scenery.
Sakaser Sakaser is the highest mountain in theSalt Rangearea in Pothohar in Pakistan.It is 1522 metre / 4946 feet high. It is situated in Khushab District but it canbe seen from adjoining districts of Mianwali and Chakwal.
Uchhali Lakeis just below it. It is a good picnic spot and moderately tough walking point.At its top there is a radar.
The Tribes
The population of the district is comprised of manytribes including:
Hashmi Sadat-Decendents of Bahauddin Zakariyya Multani(Syeds ofPail-Piran), Awan, Sangha - [MALIKS], Tiwana, Lila (Malike), Naichs (Malik),Baghoor, Parachas, Belals (Malik), Syeds (Hamdanis), Baloachs, Janjauas,Mangat, Bandials, Utras, Saggus, Chheenas, Sheikh, Maikens, Joyia (Malik),Rahdaris, Jasras, Waghras, Kharas, Doodhas, Baggahs, Kalus, Boranas, Doohns,Majoka (Malik).
Villages of Khushab tehsil are are Kund, Hadali, Daiwal(the hubof the Sanghas), Mitha Tiwana, Hassan Pur Tiwana (Hamoka), Bola, Roda,Parachagan, Jalalpur Syedan Hamdania, Mohib-Pur, Girot, Nali Nari, Khatha,Padhrar Dhak, Khhotakka, Bansi, Balwal, Pail-Piran,Jaba, Khabeki, Mardwal,Nowshera, Anga and Kufri. Villages in Tehsil Noor Pur Thal are Noor Pur, AdhiSargil, Adhi Kot, Chan, Rangpur Baghoor, Jamali, Rahdari, Mehmood Shaheed,Shahwala, Shah Hussain, Boranawala, Palowan, Kalwal, Sidha, Maiken, Bambool,Jara, Jharkil, Nawan Saggu, Dhamak, Nikro Shaheed, Katimar, Obhal, Khai Majoka,Jatooi, Billand and Pelovanis. Villages in Tehsil Quaidabad are Choa, Warchcha,Okhali Mohla, Gunjayal, Mitha Kho, Bandiyal, Jabbi Sharif (the main Village ofDaman Mohar), 14MB, Goleywali and Namewali, Majoka.
TheThal Desert
TheSoon Valley
Khushab consists of agricultural lowland plains, lakes, andhills. Parts of the Thal desert touch the district and the Jhelum runsalongside it making it highly fertile for agriculture. The district is rich innatural resources (salt & coal). Most people are associated with farming andagriculture.One third of the district is hilly and is dominated by Awans andother minor tribes. Since there is no agriculture in the area, this part ofKhushab district has been favoured by governments since British times as beingfertile ground for armed services recruitment - a majority of the populationfrom this area goes into the armed forces. The other two parts are irrigatedlands between Khushab and Quaiadabad and the desert area of tehsil noorpurthal. This desert area is the beginning of large Thal desert that continuesinto India's Rajhistan. In the 1980s the district was classified as a taxrelief zone for new industries. This led to the establishment of manyindustries including cement, sugar, and textiles. But this exist only in theHeadquarter (Jauharabad) so the benefits are getting the Elite ones. Masseshave still a very hard life.
The Thal Desert
The Thal desert is a dry desert with scarce vegetation — mostlythorny bushes — over a breadth of 70 miles and is situated between the Indusriver and the Jhelum river. But in Thal the people are very poor because thewhole land is arid and depends upon the weather condition. They cultivate grainsonly. Most illiterate area in Punjab Province. Noor Pur Thal has ten Unioncouncils but you can hardly find good schools or other basic necessities oflife there. Thal desert is basically is a triangle between the districts ofKhushab, Bhakkar, Mianwali, Jhang, Leyiha and Muzzafargarh. Mostly the area isarid the people are very poor. Thal has very hot days and pleasant nights.
The Soon Valley
The Soon Valley is the cultural hub of Awan tribe. The heirlineof the Awan tribe reaches a common ancestor Qutab Shah who supposedly livedhere, so the valley holds a special meaning to the tribe. One of the villagesof the soon valley namely Pail_piran is inhabited by the decendents odBahauddin Zakkarya Multani,and are Hashmite Sadats(Syeds),who's ancestor PirKhawja Noori son of Pir Ali Qatal made many people of region embrace Islam.Pirsof Pail-Piran are closely related to Pirs of Bhera sharif and Pir the Khara.Fewleading personalities of Pail-Piran included Pir Nowbahar Shah,dr.Pir WalayatShah(Dr.Wali Pir),Pir Kalu Shah,and lately Dr.Syed Wajid H.Pirzada.Mazar of PirKhawja Noori is located in Pail-piran.The Soon Valley is important as a hillstation after Murree in the province of Punjab. The valley has beautiful lakesand gardens.


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