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District Kasur Profile General Information

Kasur city was established by Kishwar, Kassu or Kishson of Ram Chandra whereas his other brother Laho established Lahoopur (Lahore).In this way Lahore and Kasur aretwin cities.

It is also said that Kasur means city of Kasuri.e city of palaces because there were to many palaces like forts which arestill situated in old city of Kasur.It is further mentioned by the Pathans that they became along with the army ofMughal emperor Babar who gave then Jagir/land in Kasur.

Shrine of Baba Bhullay Shah, Baba Kamal Chishti and khawja Daim-ul-Hazooriare also located in Kasur and a large number of pilgrim from the whole countryand even from Indiapaid visit to these shrines.
In the war of 1965, 1971, citizens of Kasur played a very pivotal role andset an example of bravery. Due to efforts of present government, the districtis going on toward developments and so many projects are in progress.

Kasur is situated 54 Kms in the South of Lahore. Originally Kasur was aTehsil of District Lahore up to 1975-76. Declared as District on 01.07.1976with two Tehsils, Kasur and Chunian. On 01.07.1992 the Chunian Tehsil wasbifurcated into two Tehsils
Chunian and Pattoki. Moreover Kot Radha Kishan has also been declared asTehsil since 01.07.2006.
Places to Visit
The shrine of Mazar Hazrat Baba Kamal Chishti
Changa Manga

Gunda Singh Border

Prade At Kasur

Railway Station
Sikhs gurdwara


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