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District Jhang Profile General Information

Jhang District is situated in the central Punjab with 2,834,545 inhabitants (1998). The urban population is 23.4% whereas the remaining people, 76.6%, live in the rural area. The district lies between 30.37 to 31.59 Degree north latitudes and 71.37 to 73.13 Degree east longitudes.

District Jhang is adjoined by Toba Tek Singh and Faislabad districts to the east, district Hafizabad to the north-east, district Khanewal on the south, District Sargodha on the north, district Khushab, Bhakkar and Layyah on the west. District Jhang is spread over an area of 8809 square kilometres and comprises following four tehsils:-
  • Jhang
  • Chiniot
  • Shorkot
  • Ahmed pur Sial
Almost all the area is plain cultivable land, except to the north are some rocks near Rabwah at the banks of the River Chenab which belong to the series of Kirana Hills which in nature are like the mountains of Aravalli series. In the western part, a desert area called Thal extends from the banks of the Jehlum River to the far west in the districts of Khushab and Bhakkar, while the Sandal Bar area arises from the Pabbarwala area near the Gujranwala boundary as the land abruptly arises from the land level almost at ten feet (3 m) height and almost gains 30 feet (9 m) height and this tract runs up till 87 km in the south and has a breadth of almost 30 to 40 km. This wild area comprised forest in past and no kind of cultivation was possible for almost 100 years before the British colonial government established a canal system and the town of Lyallpur (now Faisalabad) on 975 acres (395 ha) of land, which is now the textile industry hub of Pakistan. Between the rivers Jehlum and Chenab a small area of kirana bar is also located in this district, which ends at the Ghoriwala village. The area alongside the banks of rivers Ravi, Chenab and Jehlum is called Hitthar (area in which flood water reaches), while the upland area between bars and hitthar is called Utar.


Wazeer Mosque (Chiniot)

Ilam-ud-Deen Ansari, originally from Chiniot, Jhang, became one of the most respectable personality due to his knowledge and intellectual approach, besides being a good physician who cured Nur Jehan and was given the title of Wazir Khan.
Artisans from Chiniot excelled in designing and assisted the construction & designing of Taj Mahal, The Golden Temple, Shahi Masjid at Chiniot. Now a days, Chiniot is known for its carved furniture also.

Mazar (Shrine) of Hazrat Sultan Bahu

Born in Shorkot in 1039H, Sultan Bahu was a 17th century scholar and sufi poet. He wrote his Diwan in Urdu, Persian and Punjabi and is supposed to have written 140 books. His initial shrine was in the fort of Kergan by the banks of the River Chenab but with the river changing its course it was moved, not once but twice to its present location in Ahamd Pur Sial. People from far off places come to attend his Urs held every 7th to 10th  of Muharram-ul-Haram.

Heer's Tomb

The heroine of the famous love story, Heer Ranjha, Heer's tomb lies just north of Jhang on the way to Faisalabad. An annual fair is held at her tomb. A comprehensive account of her story is told by Waris Shah.

Mehal Umer Hayat (Chiniot)

It is also known as Gulzar Manzil. This Mehal in the old centre of the ancient town of Chiniot(Distt. Jhang) is wrapped in mystery and silence. For long like the Taj Mehal it remained a melancholy monument to death and a symbol of tragic transience of life. Facing the Mughal Fort it was a celebrated edifice constructed from 1922 A.D to 1930 A.D at a phenomenal cost of four lac rupees. With a splendid ground floor and three storeys ( initially sixstoreyed including basement)topped by a wooden pavilion, it encapsulated the finest traditions of local wood, fresco, jali, glass, plaster and brick work. Each inch of its building, exterior and interior testifies to the skill and expertise of those master craftsmen.

Shrines in Jhang

  • Darbar Mahni Sharif : Kot Lakhnana, 6th Mile, Gojra Road, Jhang
  • Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (RA) : Tehsil Shorkot, Distt. Jhang.
  • Hazrat Shah Jewana (RA) : Shah Jewana, Tehsil & Distt. Jhang.
  • Sial Sharif : Sial Sharif, Sargodha Road, Jhang.
  • Maai Heer : Faisalabad Road, Jhang Saddar.
  • Peer Hathy Wan : Jhang City
  • Shrine of Athara Hazari : Athara Hazari Jhang.
  • Baloki Shareef : Mochi Wala, Faisalabad Road, Jhang.
  • Hazrat Shah Sadiq Nahang : Shorkot Multan road, Jhang.
  • Darber Rodoo Sultan : Garrh MahaRaja road, Jhang.
  • Darbar Peer Gohar Shah
  • Peer Noor Ahmad Hashmi noloon wala qabristan near chiniot mor jhang
  • Darbar Mian Murad
  • Peer Mirak Sial
  • Darbar Mae Bap (Bahoo Sultan)
  • Peer Abdr Rehman
  • Peer Hasu Balail
  • Darbar Noori Nahra
  • Peer Dargahi Shah
  • Peer Uch Gul Immam
  • Dhaji Peer
  • Peer Durki shah : Rustam Sargana Road, Haveli Bahader Shah
  • Peer Hafiz Abdulkarim Yousaf Shah Road, Jhang.
  • Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Ji : This sacred shrine of Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Ji is on Toba road outside Jhang. Buses or mini buses going to this place from Jhang are easily available. Its bus stop is on the bridge after Bagha Wala. From the bus stop one has to walk upstream along the canal. A Gurdwara was built by the followers on the mound where Sat Gur Dev Ji had stayed. A primary school is housed in the Gurdwara now.


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