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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gilgat Baltistan Districts Ghanche Skardu Gilgat Profiles General Knowledge History

Ghanche District is the easternmost district of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.
To its northeast is Xinjiang (China),
to the north and northwest is Skardu District,
to its west is Astore District
and to its south is Ladakh District in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.
The Actual Ground Position Line (AGPL) at the eastern most part of Ghanche District cuts through the Siachen Glacier region. Territory east of the AGPL is currently controlled by India. (It has been proposed by moderates in Pakistan and India to make the Siachen Glacier region a Peace Park).
The capital of Ghanche District is Khaplu. This region is the coldest place within Pakistan also called the "Third Pole" with temperatures reaching below -20 °C in the winter. Khaplu Valley and Hushe Valley form the gateway for the great Baltoro Muztagh, the subrange of Karakoram that includes the mighty peaks of K2 (8,611 m), Broad Peak (8,047 m), Gasherbrums (8,000+ m) and Masherbrum (7,821 m) (all of which are included in the Skardu District).

Skardu District is part of Baltistan and currently constitutes one of the seven districts of the Gilgit-Baltistan territory (formerly Northern Areas) of Pakistan. It is bounded on the southeast by Kargil district (now in Indian-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir), on the east by Ghanche District, on the northeast by Xinjiang (China), on the south by Baramulla and Kargil District, on the west by district Astore and on the north by Gilgit District.
Skardu town is the capital of Skardu District.

 The highest peak in Skardu District is K2 (8,611 m) which is the highest peak in Pakistan and the second highest peak on earth. The Baltoro Muztagh (the subrange of Karakoram that includes the mighty peaks of K2 (8,611 m), Broad Peak (8,047 m), Gasherbrum (8,000+ m) and Masherbrum (7,821 m) lie in the Skardu District. Askole is the last settlement in the district for all treks to Concordia (the confluence of Baltoro Glacier and Godwin-Austen Glacier). The Biafo Glacier and a major part of Hispar Glacier are also included in the Skardu District.

Gilgit District is one of the districts of the federal territory of Gilgit-Baltistan in northern Pakistan. It was formed in 1970 when Gilgit-Baltistan was federally administered as the "Northern Areas". It is bounded by the Wakhan Corridor (Afghanistan) to the north; Xinjiang (China) to the northeast and east; Skardu, Astore and Diamer to the south; and Ghizar District to the west. The town of Gilgit is the capital of Gilgit District. According to the 1998 census Gilgit District had a population of 243,324.
The district includes Gilgit town, Gojal (Upper Hunza), Hunza, Juglot, Naltar, Nomal, and Shimshal. It also includes many small villages like Minapin, Hope and Hispar etc. The highest peak in the district is Distaghil Sar (7,885m) which is the seventh highest peak in Pakistan and 19th highest on earth.

The main rivers in the District are:

  • Khunjerab River
  • Hunza River
  • Gilgit River
  • Indus River 
  • Astor River

Lakes in Gilgit District

  • Naltar Lakes
  • Borit Lake
  • Rush Lake (Rush Peak)
  • Pahote Lake

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