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FSOT Communication Test Examples

1. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI) is a tool that can identify a person's basic preferences in a number of areas including communication styles. According to this tool, which type of personality is most likely to make decisions based on logic and reason, avoiding the influence of emotions, values, and attitudes?
A. Introvert
B. Thinking
C. Perceiving
D. Feeling
Ans. B The MBTI divides behavioral types into four somewhat opposing pairs. The Thinking-Feeling pair describes personality types that make decision in a detached, logical way or an emotional, values driven way.

2. An organization's lateral communications system is most likely to involve which of the following exchanging messages?
A. supervisors and their direct employees
B. employees with similar responsibilities in different departments
C. employees with different responsibilities in the same department
D. company media representatives and the media
Ans.B Lateral communication is usually part of an informal system, linking employees at similar levels of responsibility that do not work directly together. Management should recognize the importance of this type of communication as well as the risk it poses to bypassing the chain of command.

FSOT Computer Test Examples
1. Which best describes the icons that appear on a Microsoft Word toolbar for aligning text?

A. The letters L,C,R
B. Series of six horizontal lines
C. Pictures of a page with text
D. Arrows pointing left, right, and up and down

Ans. B. In the Formatting toolbar which can be displayed at the top of Word, four buttons appear, each containing six horizontal lines aligned to show their function.

2. Which common font is not considered a safe choice for web page browsing?

A. Times New Roman
B. Verdana
C. Arial
D. Papyrus

Ans.D. In designing web pages it is important to choose fonts that are universally recognized or the page might not be recognizable. Papyrus, while common is not universal. The other three are considered web-safe fonts.

FSOT Economics Test Examples

1. In the United States which industry could best be defined as an oligopoly?

A. Shoe manufacturing
B. Automobile manufacturing
C. Publishing
D. Home construction

Ans.B. Oligopoly is defined as an industry with only a few competitors in which the actions of one impact the others such as with production, pricing, features, etc.

2. What do most economists view as the main economic problem facing the world, the reason for the study of economics?

A. Scarcity
B. Currency inflation
C. Trade imbalance
D. Recession
Ans.A. Although some have questioned this viewpoint, most economists point to scarcity as the motivating factor behind most personal and business decisions and the reason for making economic choices.

FSOT Management Test Examples

1. Although supervision of employee's productivity and daily actions is an accepted management role, a balance must be maintained and micro-management can commonly result in:

A. lack of communication
B. stifling initiative
C. increased morale
D. improved performance

Ans.B. Micro-management can be perceived as a lack of confidence in employee ability and can lead to employee resentment and lower morale. It can also limit employee creativity, resourcefulness, and initiative.

2. An active listener demonstrates all of the following traits except:

A. often completes the sentences of others
B. plans a response for after another is finished speaking
C. provides feedback without interruption
D. awareness and control of biases

Ans.A. An active listener does more listening than talking, allowing full opportunity for others to express and complete thoughts and ideas.

FSOT Mathematics Test Examples
1. Your division employs 5300 employees. 15% of these employees are considered management level. How many employees does your division have in the non-management category?

A. 795
B. 850
C. 1500
D. 4505

2. You are driving to a meeting 890 miles away and have estimated an average travel rate of 60 mph. Approximately how long will it take you to reach your destination?

A. 14 hours
B. 15 hours
C. 7 hours
D. 21 hours


1. D. This can be calculated by determining 15% of 5300 (5300 X 0.15) which equals 795 and subtracting that from 5300 or by simply calculating 85% of 5300 (5300 X 0.85).

2. B. Rate = distance / time. Rate = 890 /60. Rate = 14.8

FSOT U.S. Culture Test Examples

1. Which of the following has been least impacted by the post-WWII phenomenon sometimes referred to as white flight?

A. Public education
B. Housing
C. Crime
D. Corporate jobs

2. Which of these songwriters is best known for using music to define America 's patriotism and holiday traditions?

A. Irving Berlin
B. Duke Ellington
C. Burt Bacharach
D. Cole Porter

1. D. White flight refers to the movement of predominantly white, middle and upper class Americans out of urban, inner city areas into suburbs. This resulted in deteriorating neighborhoods, lack of services and retails, and poor quality public schools for the predominantly poor, minority residents left behind. This trend has reversed itself on a small scale in recent years with a movement of young professionals and even some families back into urban areas.

2. A. Irving Berlin was a popular songwriter and entertainer during the first half of the 20th century with many hits including his "God Bless America " and "White Christmas".

FSOT U.S. Government Test Examples

1. Who were the first Presidential candidates to debate on television?

A. Eisenhower and Stevenson
B. Kennedy and Nixon
C. Johnson and Goldwater
D. Nixon, Humphrey, and Wallace

2. Which of the following is not a goal of the federal government, under the U.S. Constitution, as described in the preamble?

A. Defending all Americans
B. Providing fair treatment under the law
C. Uniting the states
D. Keeping peace around the world

1. B. When Nixon and Kennedy became the first Presidential candidates to debate on television in 1960, appearance and demeanor became almost as important as substance. Nixon's sickly pallor and discomfort was no match for Kennedy's California tan and self-confident air.

2. D. The Preamble to the Constitution states as its goals, "to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity..." It does not mention any goals related to foreign nations.

FSOT World History and Geography Test Examples
1. The catastrophic 1972 Summer Olympics in which terrorists killed eleven Israeli athletes was held in:

A. Mexico City
B. Moscow
C. Munich
D. Montreal

2. Which of the following nations was not once part of the British colonial empire?

A. Australia
B. India
C. Nigeria
D. Haiti

1. C. Palestinian terrorists kidnapped and killed eleven Israeli athletes and a police officer. Since this tragedy, security at these games has been of the highest level.

2. D. Although an independent nation for many years, Haiti does have a history as a colonial possession of France .


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