FTS SST CT PET TT DM Qari PST Jobs 2019 KPK Syllabus MCQs

FTS SST CT PET TT DM Qari PST Jobs 2019 KPK Syllabus MCQs

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Assistant Director Anti Corruption Paper

Total Questions were 100....Plz upload questions answers in comments
1-Who discovered blood criculation in human body?
2-Who prepared vaccine for Polio?
3-Vilocity of sound is maximum in?
4-Earth rotates from
5-Which vitamin is stored in liver?
6-How many bones are there in a newly born baby?
7-Which Planet is nearest to Earth?

8-What is a light year?

9-Which place is located between river ravi & bias?

10-Which is the most abundant metal on Earth's surface?

11-Gypsum is found in which area of Punjab?

12-Which area is famous for SHESHAM forests in Punjab?

13-Which is the longest river of Baluchistan?

14-Which is the longest river of Asia?

15-Soon after independance, Pakistan joined which UN Organization?

16-Which forests r found in Ziarat?

17-K-2 is located in which mountain range?

18-Sui is in which division of Baluchistan?

19-India occupied on some area of siachine in which year?

20-Nobel Prize in Economics started in which year?

21-Which country gives nobel prizes?

22-Which is the first Asian to receive nobel prize?

23-1st Olympics were held in which country?

24-Football started from which country?

25-Back Stroke is related to which game?

26-Who was Martin Luther King?

27-Warsak dam is built on which river?

28-Which was the centre of gandhara civilization?

29-World's highest waterfall 'angel fall' is in which country?

30-Who prepared Logarithmic Tables?

31-Which is the oldest Pakistani regional language?

32-Who is the 1st permanent representative of Pakistan in UN?

33-Who is the chief of All Parties Hurriat Conference in occupied Kashmir?

34-OIC was established in 1969 on account of which incidence?

35-Pakistan joined NAM in which city?

36-Chagi is located in which mountain range?

37-Which is the first state wich joined Pakistan?

38-Which is the highest conductor of light?

39-To have an axe to grind?

40-To cool one's heels?




44- In Camera?

45-In a jaffy?

46-The income of a company doubles after one year. If the initial income is 4 lacs, what will be total income after 5 years?

47-What is the fraction of hour to second?

48-4 men and 2 women earn 46000 per month. If a woman earn 500 more than the earning of a man, what is the earning of a woman?
Ans- 8000

Urdu & Islamiyat
49-Quran Pak ki pehli manzil kis Surah par enf hoti hai?

50-Pehli wohi mai Surah Alaq ki kitni ayat nazil hui?

51-Fateh Misar (Egypt) kis sahabi ko kaha jata hai?

52-Sub se ziada Ahadis kis Sahabi se Rawayat hain?

53-Haj k kia meaning hain?

54-Zakat kb farz hui?

55-Kis umm-ul-momeneen ko Kirat-o-kitabat pe aboor hasil tha?

56-Allama Iqbal ki nazam 'Hazrat Insan' kis kitab mai hai?

57-Bang e Dra mai bcho k lie kitni nzmain hain?

58-Urdu nazam ka pehla poet kon hai?

59-Bulbul Hind kis poet ko kehte hain?

60-Kis poet ka zikar Allama iqbal ki har kitab mai hai?

61-Teen Panch krna k kia meaning hain?

62-First permanent representative of Pakistan in UN after independence ---

63-Cyclones are related to ---

64-Craving means ---

Heterogenous means --

Flimsy means---

I am confident---of winning

I will ... (something)

Bulbul Hind kisko kaha jata ha ---

Awaragardi ki diary ---

Father of Nazm--

Iqbal ki shairi men kis shair ka zikar aksar milta ha ---

Tipu sultan ki nasiyat kis majmooah men hai ---

Urdu ki pehli grammar ---

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