Solved Political Science MCQs Past Papers of PPSC SPSC NTS

(1) Who is called the “Intellectual Father of French Revolution? J.J Rousseau
(2) GENERAL WILL as concept was introduced by:Rousseau
(3) Karl Marx is known for his theory of :Meterialistic Interpretation of history
(4) “Man by nature is a social and political animal” is the cornerstone of the
philosophy of:Aristotle
(5) The author of the Book The Laws was:Plato
(6) The center of Learning to the Greeks was the city state of :Athens
(7) which of the thinkers is a social contractualist?Hobbes
(8) “Principle of Utility” as a formula was the idea of :Jeremy Bentham
(9) Modern Political thought begins withMachiavelli
(10) Plato was a:Idealist
(11) “Two treatises on civil Government” constitute the basic source
of Political thought of :Locke
(12) Marx and Engels produced the famous book’ Common Manifesto’ In:1848
(13) “ Siyasatnama” and ‘Majma ul Wasaya’ are the two books on
administration attributed to:Nizam ul Mulk Tusi
(14) Montesquieu by birth belonged to:France
(15) Al-Ghazzali was a philosopher of :11th century
(16) Sepration of Ethics and Politics was the principle notion in the
philosophy of:Machiavelli
(17) A Bi-cameral legislature as most suited to:Federal States
(21) Ahya ul ulum is the work of:Al Ghazali
(22) He is famous for his work “Muqaddameh”:Ibn Khuldun
(23) The Bolshevik movement in Russia was led by:Lenin
(24) He is known as the major theorist of bureaucracy:Max Weber
(25) Cultural Revolution in China was launched under the leadership of:Mao dzedung
(26) Collective responsibility is a feature of:Parliamentary form
(27) Decentralization is a feature of:Federal System
(28) Dictatorship of the Proletariat is one of the concepts of:Karl Marx
(29) The general Will is the political concept of:J. J. Rousseau
(30) ‘Leviathan’ is written by:Thomas Hobbes

(31) “An essay concerning Human Understanding” is written by:John Locke
(34) “Political Science begins and ends with the state” is said by:Professor Garner
(35) Thyau’l-Ulum was the chief work of:Al Ghazali


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