Wednesday, December 25, 2013

PPSC Paper of Food Inspector

Total Questions were 100,here are some questions

1) Meaning of Taq e Nisyaan par Rakhna------Bhol Jana
2) Who wrote "Maa G" Qudra tullah shahab
3)famous for Marsiya nigari-------Meer Anees
4)Dobtay ko tinkay ka sahara------ zarb o misal
5) Who is called Saifullah------- Khalid bin Waleed
6)Where is Ghar e Kahf -------
7)Allah Talla k Siffati Naam-----99
8)Islamic Economy mn reerh ki Hadi-------Zakkat
9)Where is Molana Rumi's Tomb------Turkey
10)Dehr mn Ism e Muhammad sa ujala kr day
Qaut ishq sa hr past ko bala kr day --------- Iqbal
11)Ki meray Katal k baad us na jafa sa toba
haye us zod e pashemaan ka pashemaan hona...... ghalib
12 Akhri Maarka of hazrat Muhammad pbuh------ Tabook
13)Adbi personality of Sialkot after iqbal------------faiz ahmed faiz
14)Year of Death of Holy Prophet pbuh------11 hijri
15)Urdu is the word of --------Turkish language
16)CPU stands for--------central processing unit
17)IMF stands for ------- International monetary funds
18)most usage of search engine is ------Google
19)Ireland's currency------
20)Nepal's currency ----- rupee
21)Australia's capital------- Canberra
22)Turkey's Capital-------- Ankara
23)Women's Quota in National Assembly-------60
24)who appointed the chief justice-------president
25)Presidential order of Manoon Husain----12
26)Allocation of seats of national assembly in provinces----- in respect of population
27)Governor Punjab-----Ch Sarwar
28)First president of Muslim league-----
29)who led quite India movement-----Gandhi
30)Foundation year of Muslim league----1906
31)Allama iqbal's proposal for the first time publically in -------
32)Who accepted Pakistan first time------Iran
33)Before whom the national anthem was sung first time----
34)Quaid's 14-points was the response of ------Nehru's report
35)meaning of anonymous-----without name
36)Who was affiliated with tehreek e khilafat------Maulana M. Ali Johar Khan
37)When did Islamabad declared capital officially-----????? not confirmed but it did 1961
38)When the natural gas did was discovered in Pakistan-----1952
39)Where is Gawadar-----Baluchistan
40)Jerusalem's important for ---------- Muslim, Christians and Jews
41)Gaza City--------- Palestine
42)Khyber pass connects ------- Peshawar to Kabul
43)International Islamic university ------- Islamabad.
44)Biggest barrage ------Sukker barrage
45)First prime minister------- Liaquat Ali Khan
46)Reuters is ------- a news agency
47) Present hijri year-------1435
48)Who presented system of basic democracies------Ayub khan
49 Opposite of gloomy------
50) Meaning of barbaric--------cruel
51) Meaning of satire----------mockery

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