Friday, December 27, 2013

Geography MCQs for Competitive Examinations

1- The Circumference of the Earth at the equator is:
a) 60075 km b) 50075 km c) 40075 km d) none of these

2- The proportion reflected from the snow covered surface is called:
a) brook b) caldera c) sinusoid d) none

3- Worldwide geocaching is carried out by:
a) GIS b) Remote Sensing c) GPS d) None

4- Speed of the Earth at 45 N is:
a) 1180.7 km/h b) 2180.7km/h c) 3180.7 km/h d) None

5- Chemical compostion of the Earth dominating 34% by:
a) Silicon b) Iron c) Magnesium d) None

6- Temperate, Torrid and Frigid Zones, one ancient example of world climates is attributed to:
a) Plate b) Herodotus c) Aristotle d) None

7- In Koppen Climate system Aw stands for:
a)Tropical Rainforest b) Tropical Monsoon c) Tropica Savanna d) None

8- Which of the following civilization was shut down by droughts combined with devastating floods?
a) Nile b) Indus c) Incae d) None

9-Pumice, Gabbro and Andesites are identified as:
a) Sedimentary Rocks b) Metamorphic Rocks c) Igneous Rocks d) None

10- Great Barrier Reef is in the:
a) Atlantic Ocean b) Pacific Ocean c) Indian Ocean d) None of these

11- A new sea has been officially created in the pacific Northwest is called:
a) Palish Sea b) Salish Sea c) Valish Sea d) None

12- On March 28, 2001 a tornado outbreak in Pakistan was experienced in:
a) sahiwal b) Bhalwal c) Sajawal d) None of these

13- Agulhas is one of the warm currents of:
a) Indian Ocean b) Atlantic Ocean c) Arctic Ocean d) None

14- A and formation with many caves caused by dolomite being dissolved by undergoing drainage is termed:
a) Horst b) Mesa c) Scree d) None

15- Frontal Zones where air masses are not moving against each other is called:
a) Occluded Fronts b) Stationary Fronts c) Warm Fronts d) None

16- Mountain ranges near water sources can receive high rainfalls because of:
a) Cyclonic activity b) Rain shadow effect c) Orographic uplift d) None

17- Cartographers classify maps into two broad categories, reference maps and
a) Topographic maps b) Thematic maps c) Attases d) None of these

18- The oldest known projection dating back to about 500 BC is:
a) Cylindrical Homolographic b) Gnomonic c) Mollweide d) None

19- Alexander Von Humboldt famous biogeographer produced five volumes of work in 1845, was called:
a) Kosmos b) Helios c) Mellios d) None

20- Normal cycle of erosion was devised by:
a) Karl Ritter b) Thornbury c) Monkhouse d) None


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