Thursday, December 26, 2013

FPSC MCQS Past Papers of Physics

1. The angular momentum of a particle under the influence of a central force is
a) Infinite b) Negative c) Zero d) CONSTANT

2. Transverse component of the central force acting on a particle to keep it moving along a path is
a) mv2r b)mv2/r c) ZERO d) constant

3. Law of Intertia can be defined in
a) Accelerated system b) NON ACCELERATED SYSTEM c) both a) & b) d)None of these

4. The K.E of the particle executing a uniform circular motion:
a) Increases b) decreases c) REMAINS SAME d)None of these

5. What type of force acts on a raindrop to reduce its speed?
a) Gravitational force b) FORCE OF FRICTION c) Electromagnetic force d) drag force

6. The branch of heat relating to the measurement of temperature of body is called
a) THERMOMETRY b) photometry c) ellipsometry d) calorimetry

7. Which type of ideal gas will have the largest value for Cp-Cv
a) Monoatomic b) diatomic c) polyatomic d) THE VALUE IS SAME FOR ALL

8. What would be the most likely value for Ct, the molar heat capacity at constant temperature
a) Zero b) zero<Ct< Cv c) Cv<Ct<Cp d) CT= INFINITE

9. For which of the following process the entropy changes zero?
a) Isobaric b) isothermal c) ADIABATIC d) isochoric

10. The zeroth law of thermodynamics helps to define the term
a) TEMPERATURE b) pressure c) volume d) density

11. The law of conservation of mass in fluid dynamics can be expressed as
a) Av= constant b) RHO AV= CONSTANT c) P+(1/2)rho V + rho gy = constant d)None of these

12. The SI Unit of Viscosity is
a) N-S/M2 b) Dynes-s/cm2 c) N-s/m dynes-s/cm

13. The equation of the continuity requires that the total mass within certain volume must remain constant:
a) If there are sources as well as sinks
c) If there are sources only
d) If there are sinks only

14. If the length of the “L” and the total force acting on it is “F” then surface tension given is
a) F*L b)F.L C) F/L d) L/F

15. If the particle of liquid which pass through a certain point do not follow the same path, as that followed by the particles that passed the same point previously the liquid is said to have
a) Steady b) NON STEADY FLOW c) turbulent flow d)None of these

16. The potential energy of a simple harmonic oscillator is
a) –Kx b) –Kx2 c) 1/2 KX2 D) -1/2 KX2

17. Types of the mechanical weaves are
b) Sound and radio waves
c) Longitudinal and transverse waves
d) Transverse & x-rays

18. The refracted ray bends towards the normal when it enters from
b) denser to rare medium
c) Air to vacuum
d) None of these

19. On a reflection from a fixed end, a transverse wave undergoes a phase change of___ degrees
a) 90 B) 180 c) 270 d) 360

20. Resolving power of a gratting can be written as:
a) LAMBA/DEL LAMDA b) del theta/del lamda c) del lamda/lamda d) del lamda/del theta


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