Sunday, December 29, 2013

British History Important Mcqs Papers for CSS PMS

1. the book "World Crises" was written by:

a. Davis
b. Churchillc. Hayes
d. None

2. the treaty of berlin was signed in
a. 1978
b. 1878c. 1888
d. none

3. the Balfour Committee was appointed in:
a. 1922
b. 1918
c. 1926d. none

4. in the Second World War, the Great Briton declared war on Germany in:
a. june
b. November
c. Septemberd. None

5.Hitler commiteed suicide and germany surrendered unconditionally in:
a. 1943
b. 1946
c. 1945(8th May 1945 Victory Day)d. none

6.the UN has a security council which consists of:
a. 6 members
b. 9 members
c. 11 members
d. none

7.Lord Russell became PM for the second time in:

a. 1855
b. 1865(October 1865-June1866)c. 1869
d. none

8. the book history of England was written by
a. derry
b. serlly
c. woods
d. none

9. the real stake in the Crimean war was
a. turkey
b. Russia
c. Central Europed. None

10. Lord Salisbury was born in
a. 1820
b. 1825
c. 1830d. none

11. Edward VII was son of
a. William
b. James
c. Victoriad. None

12. bentham was a great
a. philosopher(Utalitarian Philosopher)b. philauthropist
c. reformer
d. none

13. general buller was defeated in 1899 at
a. ladysmith
b. colenso
c. stormbergd. none

14. the mine act of 1842 put an end to the employment of women and children under the age of
a. 15
b. 10c. 20
d. none

15. Guild Socalism had a marked influence on
a. Socialist thought
b. Capitalist system
c. Syndicalismd. None

16.Re-action against the policy of free trade started in Britain towards the end of
a. 16th century
b. 18th centuryc. 19th century

17. reform act of 1884 was passed in the time of
a. Gladstone(in his second term a PM 180-85)b. George II
c. Peel
d. None

18. Turkey was forced to sign the treaty of sevres in
a. 1912
b. 1920c. 1925
d. none

19. the immediate cause of world war I was the murder of
a. bismark
b. Ferdinandc. Walpole
d. None

20. The treaty of versaillies was signed in
a. 1914
b. 1919c. 1924
d. none

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