Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SESE English MCQS for NTS Test

i. Intense emotion coupled with an intense display of imagery are characteristics of __________ age

a. Victorian
b. Elizabethan
c. Romantic
d. Classic
e. None of these

ii. S.T. Coleridge was born in

a. 1798
b. 1772
c. 1749
d. 1797
e. None of these

iii. Wordsworth settled in

a. Lake District
b. Sussex
c. Dorset Shire
d. Cumber Land
e. None of these

iv. Childe Harold’s Pilgrimmage is written by:

a. Blake
b. Shelley
c. Browning
d. Byron
e. None of these

v. Queen Mab is one of the frist two great powms written by:

a. Shelley
b. Byron
c. Blake
d. Pope
e. None of these

vi. Hyperion is a/an __________ poem

a. Elegy
b. Epic
c. Ode
d. Lyric
e. None of these

vii. Romanticism expressed a restlessness of

a. Mind
b. Soul
c. Senses
d. Body
e. None of these

viii. Northanger Abbey, Emma and Sense and Sensibility are novels written by

a. G. Eliot
b. Miss Burney
c. C. Bronte
d. Jane Auster
e. None of these

ix. Shelley is remembered as a _______ poet

a. Lyric
b. Tragic
c. Dramatic
d. Mythical
e. None of these

x. Keats is prominently a man of:

a. Emotions
b. Sensations
c. Imagination
d. Aestheticism
e. None of these

xi. As a moralist J. S. Mill develops the doctrine of:

a. Utilitarianism
b. Intellect
c. Radicalism
d. Puritanism
e. None of these

xii. Charles Dickens was born in

a. 1800
b. 1789
c. 1812
d. 1833
e. None of these

xiii. C. Dickens is known for being a

a. Socialist
b. Humorist
c. Idealist
d. Romantic
e. None of these

xiv. Shirley, Jane Eyre, Villete were written by:

a. E. Bronte
b. J. Austen
c. G. Eliot
d. C. Bronte
e. None of these

xv. Emile Bronte’s verse reveals a conscious

a. Paganism
b. Pantheism
c. Idealism
d. Lyricism
e. None of these

xvi. The Mayor of Caster Bridge was written by:

a. Trollope
b. Thomas Hardy
c. Charles Dickens
d. G. Eliot
e. None of these

xvii. Thomas Hardy was brought up to the profession of:

a. Architect
b. Engraver
c. Sculptor
d. Painter
e. None of these

xviii. The Picture of Dorian Gray is written by:

a. Gissing
b. D. H. Lawrence
c. Oscar Wilde
d. Trollope
e. None of these

xix. Ruskin was born in:

a. 1819
b. 1843
c. 1860
d. 1851
e. None of these

xx. __________ is a novel by Miss Burney

a. Evelina
b. Emma
c. Pamela
d. Persuasion
e. None of these

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