Monday, November 4, 2013

NTS Sample Paper of Desktop Application

Sample Paper Desktop Application

This sample paper does not include quantitatively the same number of questions as there would be in actual paper. This is merely meant to provide conceptual guidance to the users or prospective candidates.
Actual Paper will be of 100 mcqs

Test Date :
Saturday, 30th November 2013

1.    What will be the value of  “ a “?
int a = 3;
int b = 5;
a += (a < b)? (1):(-a);
A.       0
B.       5
C.        3
D.       4
E.        6

2.    What is the top .Net class that everything is derived from?

A.       System
B.       System.Net
C.        System.Object
D.       Microsoft.Net
E.        System.Assembly

3.    What will be the value of “ a ”?

int a = 0;
for (int i = 0; i <= (5 - i); )
      a = i;

A.       4
B.       2
C.        Error
D.       Infinite Loop

4.    Which of the following statement is true about function overriding?

A.       Overriding means that functions having same name and return type but different Parameters.
B.       Overriding means that out of several functions, the 'right' one is selected
at run-time depending on the dynamic type of an object.
C.        Overriding means that functions have same parameters and different return types
D.       None of the above

5.    What concept does the below sample code demonstrate?

internal class Disc {}
internal class HardDisk
private Disc[ ] m_Disc = new Disc[2];
public bool Read()
//some code
public bool Write()
//some code

public class Computer
private HardDisk m_HardDisk = new HardDisk();
public void Start()
//put in keys etc..
if (m_ HardDisk.Read())
//some more code

A.       Delegation
B.       Polymorphism
C.        Combination
D.       Composition
E.        Inheritance


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