Friday, September 13, 2013

CSS English Essay Paper 2013

 NOTE: Make an outline and write a COMPREHENSIVE ESSAY(2500-3500 words) on any
ONEof the given topics. Make sure you use different forms of discourses, e.g.,
exposition, argumentation, description  and narration. Credit will be given for
organization, relevance and clarity.

CSS English ESSAY Paper 2013

1.  There should be colleges and schools just for men/boys and some just for women/girls.
2.  Let me take care of today, tomorrow shall take care of itself.
3.  The traditional male role changed in the last 20 years.
4.  Gender equality is a myth.
5.  Meaning and purpose of education.
6.  If gold rust what shall the iron do.
7.  Country life is better than city life.
8.  Free speech should have limitations.
9.  Not economy but politics is a key to success.
10.  Modern day communication via social networks puts an end of true and sincere relationships. 

CSS English Essay 2015 Paper

1: The War on terror has contributed to the growing abuse of human rights

2: Anticipation is often greater than realization

3: Punctuality is virtue of bored

4: The introduction of new digital technologies has radically altered identities

5: In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to is level of incompetence

6: I disapprove what you say, but I defend to death your right to say

7: Luxury predecessors becomes the necessity of successors

8: When life throws you lemons , make lemonade

9: Govt Should eliminate subsidies and incentives for manufacturers and consumers of electric cars as they are costly and do not do enough to protect environment

10: Labor saving devices are more troublesome than they worth


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