Friday, September 13, 2013

CSS British History Paper 2 2013

Q.1.(i) Select the best option/answer and fill in the appropriate Circle on the OMR Answer Sheet. (20x1=20)
(ii) Answers given anywhere, other than OMR Answer Sheet, shall not be considered.
1.  Who are the Boers?
(a)British settlers in Australia  (b)French settlers in Cameroon
(c)Dutch settlers in South Africa  (d)German settlers in Namibia  (e)None of these
2.  When was the first Home Rule Bill passed?
(a)1872  (b)1801  (c)1912  (d)1914  (e)None of these
3.  Who was the Earl of Shaftesbury?
(a)British PM  (b)Leader of the Whigs  (c)Philantropist and reformer
(d)Natural scientist  (e)None of these
4.  Who was called a “Little Englander”?
(a)An anti-imperialist politician  (b)An English patriot  (c)A young soldier
(d)Nick name for a gun  (e)None of these
5.  Who is a “bluestocking”?
(a)A British soldier  (b)An educated woman  (c)The title of a novel
(d)Judge of the High Court  (e)None of these
6.  When was universal franchise introduced in UK?
(a)1893  (b)1914  (c)1918  (d)1927  (e)None of these
7.  On what issue did UK join WW-I?
(a)The Irish question  (b)German invasion of Belgium  (c)German invasion of France
(d)South Africa crisis  (e)None of these
8.  Who was siding with Britain in WW-I?
(a)Germany  (b)France  (c)Switzerland  (d)Spain  (e)None of these
9.  Where was the peace treaty singed after WW I?
(a)Versaille  (b)Paris  (c)Berlin  (d)London  (e)None of these
Which war was called “the war ending all wars”?
(a)Crimean war  (b)Boer war  (c)WW-I  (d)WW-II (e)None of these
What is the meaning of dominion status?
(a)Independence  (b)Responsible government  (c)Limited self governance
(d)Free state  (e)None of these
12.  What was the statute of Westminsk?
(a)British constitution  (b)A decision giving full autonomy to dominions
(c)Limited autonomy to dominions  (d)A regulation of parliamentary proceedings
(e)None of these
13.  Which Countries/territories came under the Mandak system?
(a)Iraq  (b)Palestine  (c)Iran  (d)South Africa  (e)None of these
14.  When did UK invade Iraq?
(a)1941  (b)1929  (c)1932  (d)1936  (e)None of these
15.  Where was the Headquarter of League of Nations?
(a)Paris  (b)New York  (c)Geneva  (d)London  (e)None of these
16.  Which British politician declared war on Germany in 1939?
(a)Chamberlain  (b)Churchill  (c)Eden  (d)Baldwin (e)None of these
17.  Where was the division of Germany after the end of WW-II decided?
(a)Potsdam  (b)Berlin  (c)Yalta  (d)Paris  (e)None of these
18.  When did Queen Elizabeth access the throne?
(a)1949  (b)1952  (c)1955  (d)1960  (e)None of these
19.  How many members does the EU have currently?
(a)22  (b)25  (c)27  (d)30  (e)None of these
20.  What was decided in the treaty of Maastricht?
(a)Creation of European Union  (b)Creation of Euro as common currency
(c)Common economic policy  (d)Common Foreign policy  (e)None of these
NOTE: (i)  Part-IIis to be attempted on the separate Answer Book.
(ii)Candidate must write Q. the Answer Bookin accordance with Q. the Q. Paper.
(iii)Attempt ONLY FOUR questions from PART-II. ALL questions carry EQUAL marks.
(iv) Extra attempt of any question or any part of the attempted question will not be considered.
Q. No.2. How and why did GB implement the Durham Report of 1839? Discuss the results of
the implementation.  (20)
Q. No.3. Explain the development of the British Labour Movement and its organizations. How
did it influence British politics?  (20)
Q. No.4. Explain the origin, development and aims of the British movement for women
emancipation.  (20)
Q. No.5. Why did Germany become the main enemy of Britain before and during WW-I. How
did the British Royal House react to this new situation? Discuss.  (20)
Q. No.6. What was the consequence of WW-II for Britain’s role in the World? Discuss.  (20)
Q. No.7. Explain the reasons for Britain’s reluctance to join the EU and to identify with the idea
of a United Europe.  (20)
Q.No.8.  Write comprehensive notes on any TWOof the following:
(i)Lord Kitchener  (ii)Ramsay Mac Donald
(iii)John Stuart Mill  (iv)Utilitarianism
(10 each)


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