Sunday, April 28, 2013

PPSC Past Papers of Math

Q.4. Discuss the following systems supported by figures/diagrams:
 Equilibrium of a System coplanar forces (5)
 Centre of mass of right circular solid cone of height h. (5)
(b) Centre of gravity of a rigid body of any shape. (10)
Q.5.(a) What is Simple Harmonic Motion? Discuss it in detail using Derivatives with respect time.(10)
(b) Describe the Simple Harmonic Motion of a pendulum and Calculate the time period of the
motion. (10)
Q.6.(a) Derive expression for the following:
 Moment of inertia (5)
 Product of inertia (5)
(b) Calculate the moment of inertia of solid sphere of mass m=37 and radius a=15.
Derive the general expression. (10)
Q.7.(a) Explain Kepler’s Laws. (10)
(b) What is Impulsive Motion? Derive its equation. (10)
Q.8.(a) Define Work, Torque, Power and energy. (10)
(b) A cricket ball is thrown vertically upwards, it attained the maximum height h after t Seconds. Calculate its. (10)
 Velocity of projection in direction vertically upward.
 Acceleration when it returns to the point of projection.

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