Friday, February 22, 2013

World MCQS General Knowledge

21) Strait of malacca separates?
b) Malaysia and indonesia
22) Which of the following straits separate india From Sri Lanka?
b) Palk
23) Which of the following straits separate Malaysia from Singapore?
b) Johor
24) Budapest is the capital of Hungary situated on the bank of?
c) River Danube
25) Sea of Marmara and Aegean sea are connected by the strait?
c) Dardanelles
26) Cook strait separates south New-Zealand from?
b) North New-Zealand
27) Paris is the capital of France situated on the bank of?
a) Seine
28) English channel separates England from?
b) France
29) Agra is very famous city of India due to Taj Mahal, it is situated on the bank of river?
c) Jumna
30) Great victoria desert is present in ?
c) Australia
31) Gulf of sidra is present in?
a) Libya
32) Simpson desert is present in?
d) Australia
33) The river volga pours it's water into the?
b) Caspian sea
34) Which is the largest sea in the world?
a) South china sea
35) One of the country throughwhich equator passes is?
a) Malaysia
36) The deepest point in the ocean is?
a) Mariana trench
37) Which is the longest mountain range in the world?
b) Andes
38) The origin of earth dates back to approximately?
b) 4.6 billion year
39) The second largest continent is?
d) Africa
40) South pole was discovered by?
c) Amundsen

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