Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tehsildar General Knowledge Paper




SUBJECT: General Knowledge Paper


Note. Total Questions were 100,,,these are recalled questions

1. On which river Warsak dam is built?
2. Which is Oldest democracy of the world?
3. Pedagogy is the study of?
4. Largest glacier of Pakistan is?
5. “the politics” written by?
6. Who was Founder of “Scout movement”?
7. How many times Pakistan become member of UN security council?
8. What is Meaning of “kerb”?
9. Which country has highest per capita income in SAARC?
10. Which country has highest literacy rate in SAARC?
11. 2nd largest weapon exporter in world after USA?
12. All india constitution committee in 1907 was headed by?
13. Who help Muhammad Ali Jinnah to formulate his 14 points?
14. In 1935 act, India was divided in how many provinces?
15. Who was Secretary of state of Britain in cabinet mission?
16. C.R formula was formulated by?
17. India independence act was passed by British parliament on which date?
18. Who translate Lahore resolution in Urdu?
19. “August Offer” made by?
20. Central National Muhamddan Association in 1877 established by?
22. Holy Prophet (PBUH) like to travel on which day?
23. To whom Holy Prophet (PBUH) said to learn Abrani language?
24. Which Tawaf known as Tawaf-e-qudum?
25. What is “quma” in prayer?
26. How many Surah of Holy Quran are on the name of Prophets?
28. Namaz e Khasoof is a prayer of?
29. Which is Ashra e Mubashra.
30. In which Ghazwa the Holy Prophet first time participated.
31. Which is the First sirya of Islam?
32. Who is called Um ul Masakeen?
33. Allah O Akbar, how many times is in Azan?
34. When swadeshi movement started.
35. When liaqat ali khan joined Muslim League?
36. When Fatima Jinnah joined Muslim League?
37. Siginificance of 21st annual session of Muslim League.
38. Who is Founder of congress
39. Who convinced quaid e azam to join Muslim League.
40. Comrade was started from which city?
41. Cawnpur Mosque incident in which year.
42. Why federal part of 1935 Act was not implemented?
43. who seconded Lahore Resolution from sindh?
44. Quit India Movement started in which year?
45. when Muslims celebrated Day of deliverance?
46. Significance of Gandhi-irwin pact.
47. First time Quaid e Azam met Gandhi in which city?
48. In 1913 quaid e azam joined Muslim league in which city.
49. Which organisation worked as third party in Indus-basin treaty.
50. Inventor of Digital computer.
51. Suez canal connects.
52. Shandur pass connects.
53. Where noble peace award held.
54. ariana is airline of?
55. Itar-tas is news agency of?
56. Largest oil producing country?
57. Oldest monarchy?
58. ''On China'' is written by?
59. Biggest importer of weapons?
60. From which disease most casuality occured?
61.Thomas Cup is associated with which Game..?
62.Ariana is Airlines of Which Country ?
63.ON CHINA book's author name ,
64.k2 mountain is in which range,
65.largest gland of human body,
66.Science of population is called,
67.Members of UN security council .
78.Holy prophet stay at home of which Sahabi seceretly in the beginning of islam?
69.Al-bari mean?
70.Religion mean?
71.The holy Prophet stay how much time in taif?
72.WHO, ILO, UNH .....which is oldest ?
73.Non Cooperation movement was started in?
74.Partition of bengal made due to ?
75.Risala "now and never" was issued in the year?
76.Qaid nay kaun cy points nikalny par Nehro report accept krny ka kaha tha?
77.British parliament pak indian division accepted?
78.what was in communal award?
79.Jalia wala bagh ka sal btaey?
80.1913 ur 1916 mae quaid gandhi cy kaha milay thay?
81.Peer pur report who and when?


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