Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SPSC Everyday Science MCQS

41. Most important effect of moon on earth is that
Ans Gives light

42. The term " Meteor" is applied to an interplanetary body,
Ans After it enters the earth`s atmosphere

43. Newton`s rings are
Ans Coloured rings observed around the point of contact of a convex lense

44. The heat recieved by earth from the sun is known as
Ans Solar radiation

45. Constellation is
Ans Configuration of fixed stars resembling a figure

46. Which of the following part of the atmosphere is nearest to the earth
Ans Troposphere

47. To an astronaut in space sky looks
Ans Black

48. Why does the sun looks oval when it is at the horizon ?
Ans When the sun is at the horizon rays from the longer edge are refracted more coz it passes through greater thickness of air so vertical diameter is shortened to give an oval shape

49. The moon has period of rotation which is equal to period of revolution . It is
Ans 29 days, 7 hours , 43 min , 1147 sec

50. The composition of the sun is
Ans hydrogen 90% , Helium 8% , Heavy elements 2%


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