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Monday, February 25, 2013

Solved mcqs of Law for CSS PMS

(1) The Constitution of Pakistan 1973 consists of:
280 Articles, 12 Parts, 6 Schedules.
(2) The Constitution of Pakistan 1973 was enforced on:
14th August, 1973
(3) Objectives Resolution was passed on:
12th March, 1949
(4) According to law, the highest Court of Appeal is England is:
House of Lords
(5) Lord Cruzan in 1923 was not chosen by George V as Prime Minister because he belonged to:
(6) The number of Privy Council members is:
(7) A public bill when introduced by a private member of English Parliament is called:
Individual member bill
(8) Originally the House of Representatives consisted of:
(9) The US President can declare war with the consent of:
(10) In United States President Pro Tempore preside over the meetings of the Senate in the absence of:
Vice President
(11) By what majority from each of the central legislature, the Supreme Soviet can amend the Constitution:
Two third
(14) In English legal system, the smallest unit of local authority is called:
(15) The President of France can be impeached only for:
(16) Into how many departments, France has been divided:
(17) According to the US Constitution members of the President’s Cabinet must not be members of:
(19) A person Elected to a House in Pakistan cannot sit or vote until he has made before the House an:

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