FTS SST CT PET TT DM Qari PST Jobs 2019 KPK Syllabus MCQs

FTS SST CT PET TT DM Qari PST Jobs 2019 KPK Syllabus MCQs

Monday, February 25, 2013

Solved MCQS of Journalism for PMS

31. Pakistan's first official news agency was: APP

32 Nasim Hijazi was Editor of the daily:kohistan


34) What is meant by editorial note: Editor’s notes

35) The news which appears in the papers two or three days before an important event is called: Curtain Raiser

36) Who is the most important person in the T.V. NEWS:None of these

37) Hasrat Mohani published the newspaper:Urdu-I-Muallah

38) The Nawa-e-Waqt started its publication in:1940

39) Irshad Ahmed Haqani writes his column under in: Harf-e-Tamannah

40) Who was the first editor of the daily Jang?Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman

41) Which of the private Pakistani T.V. Channel has the greatest number of viewers?GEO

42) Which official is called the pilot of the newspaper:The editor

43) Communication is a Process

44) The head office of “The Khabrain” is in:Lahore

45) APNS represents News paper owners

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