Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Solved Everyday Science MCQs for CSS

11. Which of the following explain the reasons why there is no total eclipse of the sun?
Ans Area of the sun covered by the moon

12. The instrument used to measure the specific gravity of milk is?
Ans Lactometer

13. The internal antenna of transistor set is made of ?
Ans Ferror Chrome

14. Gerontology is the study of ?
Ans Process of ageing

15. Helium is used for respiration in deep water instead of nitrogen because
Ans It is heavier than nitrogen

16. In a fluorescent tube which of the following components are found?
Ans Mercury vapour
17. The common ore of aluminium is ?
Ans Chromite

18. When one enters a dark room, he is not able to see anything but, after sometime vision improves. This is because ?
Ans The pupil ofthe eye dilates

19. Radio carbon dating is used to find the age of ?
Ans Fossils

20. What is periscope used for ?
Ans To survey the ships on the surface of the sea when the submarine is under water

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