FIA Inspector ASI Sub Inspector Constables Jobs UTS MCQs Papers

FIA Inspector ASI Sub Inspector Constables Jobs MCQs Papers

Monday, February 25, 2013

PPSC and SPSC Journalism MCQS

46) P.T.V. started its transmission in the regime of:Ayub Khan

47) Which is the largest circulated newspaper of Pakistan?The Jang

48) The TNation is the sister publication of:The Nawa-e-Waqt

49) AFP is the news agency of  France

50) Who was the founder of the Dawn?Quaid-e-Azam

51) Wax-Wyllie wrote Radio and T.V. Writing

52) Who was the founder of yellow journalism:William Hurst

53) The Urdu edition of the Comrade was called:Humdard

(54) A large size headline across the entire page is called: Banner

(55) A sheet containing facts and detailed information on any issue is known as: Backgrounder

(56) Muhammadan Social Reformer was the English name of:Tahzeeb-ul-Akhlaq

(57) Daily DAWN was started in : 1942

(58) The number of radio stations which Pakistangot in 1947 was: 3

(59) CPNE is the representative body of : Editors

(60) S.M.R.C. is a well-known:Communication Model

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