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Monday, February 25, 2013

KPKPSC Political Science Solved MCQS

(86) The author of the book ‘Stateman’ is:Plato

(87) “Justice is giving everyone his due” is said by:Aristotle

(88) The dissolution of Khilafat and the establishment of ‘Grand National Assembly” in Turkey was highly appreciated by:Allama Iqbal

(89) Author of the Book ‘Spirit of Islam” is:Syed Amir Ali

(90) The concept of ‘Separation of Powers’ was given by:Montesquieu

(91) Which of the political philosophers was more admitted by the American Founding Fathers, and his thoughts on the importance of private property were reflected in the drafting and historical development of the American Constitution.John Locke

(93) Who said “Law is the command of a determinate sovereign”?John Austin

(94) “Only the will of the sovereign can be the source of law”. Who said it? John Hobbes

(95) Those who are active against the very existence of state are known as:Anarchists

(96) The concept of ‘Surplus Value’ is given by:Marx

(97) In Plato’s Ideal State, one reaches at the pinnacle of the State order at the age of:35

98) Which one is the ‘supreme law of the land in USA’?Constitutional Law

(100) Fascism as a theory originated in:Italy

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