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Monday, February 25, 2013

Computer Science MCQS for CSS PMS

1-object (also called_____) is a common data type that includes photograph, audio, vedio, or a document in other applications.
(a) Number (b) BLOB (c) Integer (d) binary (e) none of these

2. in database, a(n) ____ field is a group of related fields.
(a) Table (b) Key (c) Record (d) Primery field (e) Non of these

3. In a database, a(n) ____ field is a field that uniquely identifies each record in a file.
(a) Main (b) Identifying (c) Master (d) Key (e) none of these

4. If a lowest annual fee at a discount wherehouse is Rs.2025 and the highest is Rs.5550, a(n)______ on annual fee field ensure it is a value between Rs.2025 and Rs.5550.
(a) Range Check (b) compelteness check (c) consistency Check (d) alphabetic/numeric check (e) none of these

5. A DBMS uses the _____ to perform validation checks.
(a) Data Server (b) data smart (c) data wherehouse (d) data dictionary (e) none of these

6. _______ is a network technology that defines how messages are routed from one end of a network to other, ensuring the datat arrives correctly by dividing it into packets.
(a) HTML (b) XML (c) HTTP (d) TCP/IP (e) none of these

7. When a computer sends data over the internet, the data is divided into small pieces , or _______
(a) Bundles (b) packets (c) slices (d) baskets (e) none of these

8. The amount of data, instructions and information that can travel over a communication channel somtimes is called _______
(a) broadband (b) baseband (c) latency (d) bandwidth (e) none of these

9. fiber optic cables have all of the following advantages over cables that used wire except _______
(a) lower costs & easier installation and modification
(b) Faster data transmission & smaller size
(c) Less susceptible to noise from other divices
(d) Better security for signals during transmission
(e) none of these

10. A_____ is a network that connects compter and divices in a limited geographical area, such as home, school computer laboratory , or office building
(a) LAN (b) MAN (c) WAN (d) VAN (e) none of these

11. with _______ memory , the operating system allocates a portion of storage medium, usually the hard disk , to function as additional RAM
(a) Virtual (b) performance (c) device (d) Manged (e) none of these

12. If a new a device such as printer or scanner is attached to a computer, its _________ must be installed before the divice can be used
(a) Driver (b) platform (c) manager (d) kernel (e) none of these

13. A ________ is an icon on the desktop that provides a user with immediate access to a program or file.
(a) kernel (b) spooler (c) buffer (d) Shortcut (e) none of these

14. ________ a disk or reorgnizing it so the files are stored in contiguous sectors, speeds up disk access and thus performance of entire computer .
(a) Formating (b) Defregmenting (c) Spooling (d) compressing (e) none of these

15. the term cmputer _______ discribes potentially damging computer program that affects or infects a computer by altering the way the compter works without the users knowledge or permission .
(a) Hot spot (b) File compression Utillty (c) Virus (d) File conversion Utillity (e) none of these

16. In a diagram ( a DFD diagram was given ) _________ shows the input and output of information into or out from a prosses .
(a) Use Case (b) Data Flow (c) entity relationship (d) Class Diagram (e) none of these

17. Although used in all types of bussiness modeling the _____ has been adopted as a standard notation for object modeling.
(a) UML (b) CASE Tool (c) USE CASE Diagram (d) EMR (not sure) (e) none of these

18. For each input and output, a systems analyst tipicaly develops _______ which is a sample of the input or output and contains actual data.
(a) adoption (b) prototype (c) Mockup (d) feasibility Scheme (e) none of these

19. _________ is a working modle of propesed system .
(a0 Adoption (b) feasibilty Scheme (c) Mockup (d) Prototype (e) none of these

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