Saturday, January 5, 2013

SPSC Headmistress MCQs Papers

61. To put ideas together to form a new whole is

62. To know the worth or value of material is

63. The intellectual skills are reflected by
Cognitive Domain

64. Attitudes, values and interests are reflected by
Affective Domain

65. Which domain is concerned with physical and motor skills?
Psychomotor domain

66. The focus of cognitive domain is
Intellectual Skills

67. The affective domain was classified by

68. Affective domain is divided into
Five subgroups

69. The lowest level of learning in affective domain is

70. Which is placed at the highest level of learning in affective domain

71. Right order of sub- groups of affective domain is
Attending, Responding, Valuing, Organization, Characterization

72. Willingness to attend to particular phenomenon is
Attending/ Receiving

73. Which sub- group of affective domain focuses on active participation in

74. Bringing together different values into a comsistent value system is

75. Affective domain focuses on adoption of a value system as a part of life style in

76. Psychomotor domain was classified by Simpson in

77. Affective domain was divided into subgroups by Krathwhol in

78. Psychomotor domain was divided by Simpson in
Seven subgroups

79. The Characteristic of behavioral objective is
Observable and measurable

80. The right sequence of sub-groups of psychomotor domain is
Perception, Set, Guided response, Mechanism, Complex overt response, adaptation, Origination

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