Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Past Paper of Labour Inspector

Give synonyms of the following:

1. Assiduous

(a) Idle (b) Diligent (c) Defective (d) Deficient

2. Fuss

(a) Effort (b) Unnecessary Excitement (c) Grief (d) Joy

3. Placid


4. Naïve

(a) Simple

5. Immaculate

(a) Juvenile (b) Infinite (c) Flawless (d) Contaminated

6. Collusion

(a) Consistent (b) Conflict (c) Confrontation (d) Connivance

Give antonyms of the following:

7. Prosperity


8. Conscientious

Care free

9. Scant

(a) ……. (b) Slender (c) …….. (d) ………

10. Tender

(a) ……. (b) Kind (c) …….. (d) ………

11. Commence

End (c) …….. (d) ………

Choose the correct answer:

12. (a) He is senior to me. (

13. (a) He was charged with murder.

14. (b) She said that she was running fast.

15. (a) He did went to the hospital. (b) He did gone to the hospital. (c) He has gone to the hospital.. (d) He

did go to the hospital.

16 Faster you walk, better it will be..

17. Fleming died in 1920. (

18. (4-4)20+5 is equal to:

(a) 25 (b) 20 (c) …….. (d) ………

19. 2(13+10)-3(14-5) is equal to:

(a) 19(b) 20 (c) ……… (d) ………

20. There is 1kg and 792g of barrel oil in 2 containers, what will be the quantity if we divide it in 4 boxes:

(a) 360g (b) 448g (c) 580g (d) ………

21. If 15 men complete a work in 25 days, then 20 men will complete that work in how much days:

(a) 12 days (

22. A man travels a distance by foot in 1hour and 35 minutes, but he use a bicycle, he travels same

distance in 28 minutes. How much time he saves:

1 hour &7minutes (

23. If a man pays Rs. 2500 as income tax, that is 50% of his total income, then what will be his total



24. After Nile which is second largest river of the world:

(a) Amazon

25. Sound travels fastest in which of the following:

(a) Glass

26. Polygon………at an angle:

( 180 degrees

(Note: Sorry, I could not properly remember question 26.)

27. The gravitational force on the body is called as:

(a) Weight

28. Cathy Pacific is the air line of:

Hong Kong

29. Who discovered continent Australia?

Captain Cook

30. Brazil is the largest exporter of:

Coffee (

31. Art and Architect reached its climax during the reign of:

Aurangzeb (

32. Largest ocean of the world is:

(a) Pacific

33. Where is the Head Quarter of Arab league?

( Cairo

34. Abyssinia is the old name of: its Ethipoia

(a) Egypt (b) Iran(c) Iraq (d) Jordan

35. Deficiency of Vitamin C causes:

(a) Scurvy (b) Beri Beri (c) Color Blindness (d) …….

36. NATO consists of …… member countries.

(a) 28

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