Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Headmaster Sample and Model Papers MCQS

The elementary school teachers are directly responsible to the

The history of administration goes back to
5000 BC

Adminstration meams
To look after

The main types of adminstration are

Authoritative administration is based on

Democratic administration is based on
Mutual sharing

Respect of opinion is the feature of
Democratic administration

Literal meaning of supervision is
Superior knowledge and power

“Supervision is not to control the teacher but to work cooperatively” is the saying of
Hoy and Forsyth

In teaching learning process supervision is usually carried out by

Assessment of how well a school is performing is

According to Fayol, elements of administration are

According to Gulick and Urwick, elements of administration are

BM stands for
Budget Manual

Who is called father of scientific management theory
Fredrick Tylor

All Govt. grants and expenditures are maintained in
Cash Register

In case of GPF advance , the number of installments for refunding is

How funds in a given period will be obtained and spent is

Who advocated bureaucratic theory
Max Weber

In case of new recruitment the probation period is
3 Years

The father of modern theory of management is
Hery Fayol
Which pension is granted to civil servant who retires in the age of sixty

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