Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ALL Education and Teaching MCQs

101. According to W. Therber,types of Models are

102. Mock up models are those which explain
Principles or working of machine

105. The most direct experience from the following is that of
field trip

106. What is true about science Text Book?
Our teachers take textbook as curriculum

107. Which one is a standard for demonstration method?
Demonstration should be pre- tested to remove the weakness in demonstration

108. Wragg has suggested how many numbers of students in a micro teaching class?
5 to10

110. Method is based on the facts that students learn association, activity and cooperation is know as

111. Exhibition of Science fairs promote students ability of
Comprehension and application

112. The ultimate focus of scientific method is on
Formulation of a law theory

113. What is the first step in the project method of teaching
distribution of work

114. Which one is NOT the Psychological principle of teaching?
Proceed from complex to simple

115. Which is the SECOND step in the problem solving method?
Formulation of hypothesis

116. Which is the best method of teaching Science at school level?

117. Which is not the step of scientific method?

118. The ultimate result of scientific method is
Development of knowledge

119. Aims are
National expectations

120. Goals are at
Subject level

121. Objectives are at
National level

122. To promote science and technology is

123. To important computer education is

124. To identify the parts of the computer is

125. “State first law of motion” indicates

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