Monday, December 3, 2012

Short Questions of 9th Class Pakistan Studies

(i) What is meant by ideology?

(ii) What meant by Faith in Prophethood?

(iii) What did Quaid-e-Azam say about nationalism?

(iv) What is meant by "two nation theory" in the historical
     perspective of the sub continent?

(v) Write the names of Ministers of Muslim League included
    in the interrim Government of 1946.

(vi) Describe the manifestoes of Muslim League and the
     Congress in The General Election of 1945 - 46

(vii) Write the text of Pakistan Resolution.

(viii) Write the names of five natural regions of Pakistan.

(ix) What are the hazards faced by our environment now a

(i) Write the importance of Afghanistan and the countries of
    central Asia for Pakistan.

(ii) Write five Islamic provisions of the constition of 1956.

(iii) Write any five points of Muslim Family Ordinance

(iv) What is meant by single citizenship?

(v) What do you mean by Economic Development? 

(vi) Describe two causes of the war of 1965

(vii) What is meant by Union Council and Union Committee?

(viii) By whom and when was the constitution of 1956

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