Monday, October 15, 2012

Sindh Budget 2012 2013 Overview

The Budget Estimates for Fiscal Year 2012-13. The total budgetary outlay is proposed to be Rs. 577.98billion as against Rs. 236.2 billion in 2007-08. The total receipts are projected at Rs. 570.82billion whereas the total expenditure is estimated to be Rs. 577.98billion, resulting in
deficit of Rs. 7.16billion. Despite a healthy 18 % estimated increase in revenues,
the deficit is solely due to the massive jump in development portfoliowhich has
been proposed at a historic Rs.231 billion up from Rs. 164 billion in 2011-12,
indicating PPP-led government‟s resolve to focus on poverty alleviation and
result-oriented development. The figure includes ADP of Rs. 181 billion, Rs. 14.5
billion for federal projects and 35.7 billion foreign project assistance.
The Estimated Revenue Receipts for the Financial Year 2012-13 from the Federal
Divisible Pool are Rs. 314.36billion. This is 24.8 % higher than the Budget
Estimates of fiscal year 2011-12. Receipts under Straight Transfers are estimated
at Rs. 59.25 billion which is an increase from last year‟s Budget Estimate of Rs.1453.4 billion. Provincial Own Receipts including Sales Tax on Services are
estimated at Rs 96.63 billion which is 21% higher than last year.
On the Expenditure side, the current Revenue Expenditure for Financial Year
2012-13 has been estimated at Rs. 315.3billion which is only slightly higher than
the Revised Estimate of Rs. 309.45billion for 2011-12. This reflects Sindh
Government‟s resolve to curtail expenses through fiscal discipline.
In line with the increase in salaries announced by the Federal Government, a pay
raise in the shape of ad-hoc relief allowance at the rate of 20% of basic salary is
proposed. Similarly, to mitigate the financial difficulties of the pensioners they
would also be granted 20% adhoc relief.

Some of the major initiatives for the next financial year are:
Agriculture Credit line for small farmers at 7% interest subsidy through
Sindh bank at a cost of Rs.4 billion.
Micro Finance for enterprise development through STEVTA and Sindh
Bank at a total cost of Rs. 2 billion.
Provision of Assistance to Farmers for purchase of 15000 tractorsin
addition to subsidy for 6000 tractors during current year .
K4 and SIII Projects
Karachi Circular Railway
Restoration/Rehabilitation of LBOD and Kotri Drainage Network
including activation of Dhoras.
Establishment of Multi Organ Transplant center at Sindh Institute of
Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) Karachi at the cost of Rs.5000
Establishment of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto International Uuniversity of
Veterinary and Animal Sciences main campus at Sakrand and campus at
Larkana at the cost of Rs.3000 million.
Establishment of Drinking Water Hubs
Rehabilitation of Roads damaged during Rains of 2011
Food Grain Storage Project
The Government is also considering provision of targeted subsidy through
the BISP for subsidized provision of essential commodities

  1. A massive allocation of
    Rs.111.96 billion including ADP of Rs.12.39 billion, has been proposed in the
    Financial Year 2012-13
  2. The proposed allocation of Rs.49.52 billion during the next
    financial year (including ADP of Rs.14.80 billion) is reflective of the
    importance attached to the strengthening of Health Services in the Province.
  3. A significant allocation of
    Rs.13.69 billion which includes ADP of Rs. 10.9 billion, has been proposed in
    the Financial Year 2012-13. Compared to Rs. 3.25 billion in 2007-08, the
    proposed development funding is almost 350% higher.

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