Saturday, October 13, 2012

Senior headmaster MCQS

  1. In Muradabad 1859 First School was established by Sir. Syed Ahmad Khan
  2. MAO High School Ali Garh 1875 established by Sir. Syed Ahmad Khan
  3. MAO college Ali Garh  1877 established by Sir. Syed Ahmad Khan which was inaugurated by Lord Milton.
  4. This college became university in 1920
  5. Mr.Sidens was first its principal
  6. All India Mohamdan Educational Conference established by Sir. Syed Ahmad Khan in 1886
  7. Scientific Society in 1866  established by Sir. Syed Ahmad Khan
  8. Dar-ul-Deoband established by Molana Qasim Nanotavi in 30 May 1866 in Chahta Mosque.
  9. Molna M. Mehmmod was first its teacher.
  10. Following are pre independence educational reports and commissions
  11. Charles Grants Treatise issued in 1792. Charles was a British Parliament member.
  12. Lord Minto( Governor General of Subcontinent) Report issued in 1811
  13. Lord Macaulay Report 1835
  14. wood dispatch report 1854. Charles wood was president of board of control
  15. Hunter Commission 1882. William hunter was a minister of Lord Rippen viceroy council
  16. Indian Universities Comission 1902
  17. Sadler Comission 1919. Michal Sadler was VC of Leads university
  18. Hartog Committee report 1929
  19.  How can i get success in headmaster exam

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