Monday, October 15, 2012

Punjab Budget 2012 2013 highlights

In Financial Year 2012-13, total financial outlay of the government has been estimated at
Rs.782,859.871million. In FY 2012-13, size of the Annual Development Program has been pitched at Rs.250,000.000 million indicating an increase of Rs.30,000.000 million over ADP for FY2011-12. An allocation of Rs.532,859.871 million has been proposed for current expenditure in FY2012-13, against revised budget estimates of Rs. 467,993.236 million in FY 2011-12. Despite persistent inflationary trends, increase in salary, allowances and pension of employees of the government, allocations of development expenditure have been protected by adopting a considerable increase in development budget in comparison with the Annual Developmen Program for FY 2011-12.

The budget estimates for financial year 2012-13 under important functions / sectors are
explained as under:-
i) An allocation of Rs. 34,000.000 million has been made for subsidies and pro-poor
initiatives in financial year 2012-13 against the budget estimates of Rs. 30,000.000
million in FY 2011-12.
ii) Transfers to Local Governments have been budgeted at Rs. 210,983.105 million in
FY 2012-13 against budget estimate of Rs. 169,788.730 million in FY 2011-12. In this
way, an additional sum of Rs. 41,194.375 million has been provided for Local
Governments in FY 2012-13 showing an increase of 24.3% over budget estimates for
FY 2011-12.
iii) Allocations for the Health Department have increased from Rs. 25,484.686 million in
FY 2011-12 to Rs. 35,656.545 million in FY 2012-13 representing an increase of
40% over the budget estimates of FY 2011-12.
iv) Expenditure on the Education Sector has been estimated at Rs. 31,307.272 million in
FY 2012-13 against Budget Estimates of Rs. 27,141.130 in FY 2011-12 showing
increase of 15%.
Highlights of Budget 2012-13 9
v) Expenditure on Pension is pitched at Rs. 55,736.200 million in FY 2012-13 against
the revised estimate of Rs.51,490.038 million under grant PC21028-Pension in
FY2011-12. Increase in allocations on this account have been made to absorb the
impact of 20% increase in pensionery benefits for FY 2012-13 announced in the
Federal Budget to be adopted by Provincial Government.
vi) Expenditure on account of Public Order and Safety Affairs has been estimated at
Rs. 81,864.264 million in FY 2012-13 against the budget estimate of
Rs.69,244.576million in FY 2011-12 showing an increase of 18% in comparison with
The FY2011-12.

The important features and new initiatives included in ADP 2012-13 are:
Annual Development Programme within the Medium Term Framework
Adequate funding for foreign aided and mega projects Allocation of Rs.86.7 billion for social sectors investments with major focus on
education (Rs.25.0 billion) and health (Rs.16.5 billion)
Regional balance in allocation of resources with extra weight for less developed
Districts Continued focus on undertaking projects that can be completed within one year to control throw forward Continued strategic interventions in large cities to realize their potential as engines of growth and enabling medium cities to share the urbanization pressure
  • No token allocations for new schemes
  • Allocation of Rs.17.4 billion for District Development Packages
  • Allocation of Rs.14.0 billion for Women Empowerment initiatives
  • Allocation of Rs.11.0 billion for construction of Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS)
  • Allocation of Rs10.5 billion for Southern Punjab Development Programme (SPDP)
  • Allocation of Rs.10.0 billion for investment in the energy sector to overcome power
  • shortages in the Province
  • Allocation of Rs.4.0 billion for provision of Laptops to the students
  • Allocation of Rs2.0 billion for Green Tractor scheme for rural youth
  • Allocation of Rs.1.0 billion for Solar Tubewells / renewable energy
  • Allocation of Rs. 1.0billion for Solar Panles
  • Provision of Rs.1.0 billion for purchase of Buses for Women Colleges


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