Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Best Teacher 8th Class Essay

 My Best Teacher Essay for 8th Class
  1. Mr.Aslam is my best teacher.
  2. He is also my neighbour.
  3. He belongs to a noble family.
  4. He is a young man of 35.
  5. He is also our class incharge.
  6. He comes to school in time.
  7. He is a highly educated man.
  8. He teaches us with love and care.
  9. His method of teaching is very good.
  10. He is a smart and healthy man.
  11. He is also a good player of hockey.
  12. He says his prayers five times a day.
  13. He has two children.
  14. All the students respect him very much.
  15. I like hime very much.
  16. I am proud of my best teacher. 
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