My Best Teacher 8th Class Essay

 My Best Teacher Essay for 8th Class
  1. Mr.Aslam is my best teacher.
  2. He is also my neighbour.
  3. He belongs to a noble family.
  4. He is a young man of 35.
  5. He is also our class incharge.
  6. He comes to school in time.
  7. He is a highly educated man.
  8. He teaches us with love and care.
  9. His method of teaching is very good.
  10. He is a smart and healthy man.
  11. He is also a good player of hockey.
  12. He says his prayers five times a day.
  13. He has two children.
  14. All the students respect him very much.
  15. I like hime very much.
  16. I am proud of my best teacher. 
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