Sunday, October 7, 2012


Total Marks – 100

Candidates will be asked to attempt total five questions. They will attempt at least one question from
each section. Each question will carry 20 marks.
Section A
Computer Architecture: Introduction to modern machine Architecture, Storage Hierarchy, Main /
Virtual / Cache / Secondary memory, CPU, ALU, Peripheral communication, designing of instruction
set, stored programme concept, introduction to parallel computing, SIMD / MIMD
Operating system: Functions / Types of operating systems, Processes, Interprocesses,
Communication / Synchronization / Coordination, Process Scheduling Policies, Visual Memory
Management Techniques, Paging / Segmentation, File Management Systems
Computer Networks: LAN / WAN / MAN, communication channels, internetworking, internet, network
layer structure, ISO Internet Protocol, OSI / TCP / IP reference model
Section B
Structured and Object Oriented Programming
Basics of C/C++ environment, memory concepts, operators, control structures, selection structures,
Array & functions / methods, classes & data abstractions, inheritance and polymorphism
Data Structures and Algorithms
Pseudo language, functions, iteration, recursion, time / complexity analysis, stacks queue, hashing,
linked list, searching, sequential, binary, sorting algorithms, graphic algorithms, tree algorithms, trees,
ADTs, implementation using structured / object oriented languages
Software Engineering
Introduction to software engineering, software life cycle, software design methodologies, structured /
object oriented, software documentation and management, introduction to CASE tools
Section C
Database Management
Data, Models, E R Models, Relational Database concepts, SQL normalization, Database Design
Web Programming
HTML, CGI, PERL, JAVA, Applet / Script, WWW, Web based interface design
Computer Graphics
Fundamentals of input, display and hard copy devices, scan conversion of geometric primitives, 2D
and 3D geometric transformations, clipping and windowing, scene modeling and animation,
algorithms for visible and surface determination


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