Sunday, October 14, 2012

Educational Policy Of Pakistan 1998 To 2010

  1. The constitution of 1973, article 25 gives right of education to every citizen
  2. Nazira Qur'an will be introduced as a compulsory component from grade I-VIII
  3. The current literacy rate of about 39% will be raised to 55% during the first five years of the policy and 70% by the year 2010
  4. About 90% of the children in the age group (5-9) will be enrolled in schools by year 2002-03
  5. Gross enrolment ratio at primary level will be increased to 105% by year 2010 and Compulsory Primary Education Act will be promulgated and enforced in a phased manner
  6. One model secondary school will be set up at each district level
  7. The participation rate will be increased from 31% to 48% by 2002-03 in secondary level
  8. Computers shall be introduced in secondary schools in a phased manner.
  9. The total expenditure of the government on education will be raised from its present level of 2.2% to 4% of GNP by the year 2002-03
  10. The District Education Authority will be established in each district
  11. The Academy of Educational Planning and Management (AEPAM) shall be strengthened and tuned up to meet the emerging demands of MES and its obligations at national and provincial levels
  12. A School Census Day shall be fixed for collecting data from all over the country.
  13. There shall be regulatory bodies at the national and provincial levels to regulate activities and smooth functioning of privately-managed schools and institutions of higher education through proper rules and regulations.
  14. School, college and university libraries shall be equipped with the latest reading materials/services. Internet connection with computer shall be given to each library. Mobile library services for semi-urban and remote rural areas shall be introduced.
  15. Access to higher education shall be expanded to at least 5% of the age group 17-23 by the year 2010.
  16. A new cadre of teacher educators shall be created.

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