Thursday, October 4, 2012


Q-1. Write an Essay on any TWO of the following:

    i. Sweets are uses of Adversity.
    ii. Optimism in Life and Literature.
    iii. Dignity of Labour.
    iv. The Fairy Tales of Science.
    v. They never fail who fail in a great cause.
    vi. Knowledge is Power.
    vii. World Peace and how to achieve it?
    viii. A Career of my Choice.

Q-2. (a) Suggest One-Word substitution for the following:

    i. One who is easily made angry.
    ii. More like a woman than man.
    iii. A remedy of all diseases.
    iv. My brother is a person who knows many languages.
    v. Medicine given to counter poison.

(b). Write Verbs ending in –ISE – IZE:

    i. to banish from society……….
    ii. To make up on the spur of the moment………
    iii. To make two or more things occur at the same time………
    iv. To have sole control of………..
    v. To drive out an evil spirit………..

Q-3. What do you understand by the following terms? Do any TEN:

    i. Abdication
    ii. Coalition
    iii. Asylum
    iv. Free Port
    v. Casting Vote
    vi. Pan-Islamism
    vii. Veto
    viii. Blank Verse
    ix. Protocol
    x. Agenda
    xi. White Man’s burden
    xii. Balance of Trade
    xiii. Demurrage
    xiv. Indemnity

Q-4. (a) Mention the Capital and Currency of the following:

    i. Saudi Arabia
    ii. Jordan
    iii. Canada
    iv. China
    v. Syria
    vi. Egypt
    vii. Belgium
    viii. Britain
    ix. Argentina
    x. Germany

(b) Distinguish the following words by using them in sentences:

    i. Statute – Statue
    ii. Righteous – Rightful
    iii. Verbose – Verbal
    iv. Virtual – Virtuous
    v. Proscribe – Prescribe

Q-5. Answer any TEN of the following:

    i. Why do you run when you take a long jump?
    ii. What colours go to form a rainbow?
    iii. How does a ship float?
    iv. Why is it that cloudy nights are usually warmer than clear ones?
    v. Why should ice be kept in a blanket?
    vi. Why do we feel warm in woolen cloths?
    vii. Why is one’s breath “visible” in cold but not in hot weather?
    viii. Why does a fountain throw its water up?
    ix. Why does a bad egg float in water? Where as a good one sinks?
    x. Why does smoke rise in the air?
    xi. How can you test the freshness of an egg?
    xii. Why ice floats on water?
    xiii. What are the components of our atmosphere?
    xiv. What do you understand by short-circuiting?


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