Wednesday, October 31, 2012

9th 10th Class Present Tense Notes

Present tense has three types
A.Present Indefinite Tense
B.Present Continuous Tense
C.Present Perfect Tense
D.Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Note---S for Subject
             V for Verb
             O for Object
Present Indefinite Tense
Identification in Urdu sentence,,,,,,,ta hai,,,,ti hai,,,ty hein,,,etc
Making Sentence...S+V1+O
if S is singular than used s or es with V except I and you
Example.... I go to school
                  She goes to school

Negative Sentence................S+do not/does not+V1+O
Interrogative Sentence ..........Do not/Does not+S+V1+O

Present Continuous Tense
He is going to school

Present Perfect Tense
He has gone to school
Present Perfect Continuous Tense
S+has been/have been+Ving+since/for+O
He has been going to school since morning
Past Tense
Future Tense

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