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8th Class Notes

Forty (40) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are given in this part. Attempt all questions. All questions carry equal marks.
Q. No.1. She _______ a letter to her mother yesterday.
(a) write (b) wrote (c) writing (d) written
Q. No.2. Red roses are ______ than white or black roses.
(a) beautiful (b) more beautiful (c) most beautiful (d) the most beautiful
Q. No.3. They _____ from England by plane just now
(a) have come (b) come (c) comes (d) came
Q. No.4. Mr. Qazi took his class to the ________ .
(a) zoo (b) park (c) River side (d) Museum
Q. No.5. An old man has ______ of money.
(a) a lot of (b) many (c) more (d) much
Q. No.6. ______ means to bear pain or hardship
(a) Tolerate (b) Talk (c) Pity (d) migrate
Q. No.7. The correct sentence of past Indefinite Tense is
(a) They buried him in the graveyard.
(b) They bury him in the graveyard.
(c) They will bury him in the grave yard.
(d) They were burying him in the graveyard.
Q. No.8. The correct sentence of Present Perfect Continuous is
(a) I had collected sea shells for many days.
(b) I have been collecting sea shells for many days.
(c) I collected seas shells for many days.
(d) I collect sea shells for many days.
Q. No.9. The correct Past Perfect sentence is
(a) They have been swinging for half an hour.
(b) They were swinging for half an hour.
(c) They are swinging for half an hour.
(d) They had been swinging for half an hour before I came.
Q. No.10. We are going to have ____ I.D. card tomorrow.
(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) and
Q. No.11. I have been waiting for the officer _____ 8 o’clock in the morning.
(a) for (b) far (c) since (d) from
Q. No.12. Hazrat Umar got the title of Faruq
(a) Before embracing Islam. (b) After embracing Islam.
(c) After death (d) After migration to Madina
Q. No.13. She _______ her breakfast by the time her father came to fetch her.
(a) eat (b) ate (c) eaten (d) had eaten
Q. No.14. What is opposite of “front”
(a) near (b) far (c) close (d) back
Q. No.15. The correct Past Continuous sentence is
 (a) He is playing football. (b) He was playing football.
(c) He played football. (d) He plays football.
Q. No.16. The correct past Perfect Continuous sentence is
(a) The man have been growing food since 1990.
(b) The man was growing food since 1990.
(c) The man had been growing food since 1990.
(d) The man has been growing food since 1990.
Q. No.17. We need _______ axe to cut a tree.
(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) and
Q. No.18. Why ______ you weeping?
(a) is (b) had (c) are (d) will
Q. No.19. The correct Present Continuous sentence is
(a) She combs her hair. (b) She is combing her hair.
(c) She combed her hair. (d) She was combing her hair.
Q. No.20. The ______ delivered my mail in the afternoon.
(a) doctor (b) postman (c) watchman (d) waterman
Q. No.21. The youngest son gave the utmost anxiety to the parents. Parents here means.
(a) father (b) mother (c) father and mother (d) grand father
Q. No.22. It is _______ honour to meet you.
(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) and
Q. No.23. If you want to talk to a computer, you must know its ____.
(a) language (b) password (c) Method (d) Key
Q. No.24. Cattle breeders from all parts of the country bring _____ cattle to the show.
(a) they (b) their (c) then (d) themselves
Q. No.25. He began to learn his lesson by _______.
(a) wear and tear. (b) ways and means (c) heart and soul (d) by no means
Q. No.26. A bird in hand is worth two in the ____.
(a) cage (b) bush (c) stomach (d) forest
Q. No.27. They _____ a newspaper every day.
(a) get (b) got (c) gotten (d) getting
Q. No.28. He likes to write ______ article.
(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) and
Q. No.29. The correct passive voice sentence is
(a) The state employs nurses. (b) The state is employed by nurses.
(c) Nurses are employed by the state. (d) Nurses employed state.
Q. No.30. Time passes very _______.
(a) friendly (b) really (c) already (d) quickly
Q. No.31. The correct word order in the sentence is
(a) Warm we winter clothes wear in.
(b) We warm clothes winter wear in.
(c) We wear warm clothes in winter.
(d) We winter in clothes wear warm.
Q. No.32. Time passes very _______
(a) Quickly (b) already (c) for (d) from
Q. No.33. We can type _______ instructions on key board
(a) his (b) my (c) our (d) us
Q. No.34. It helps us in _______ many types of problems.
(a) to solve (b) solving (c) solved (d) solution
Q. No.35. They did not know _______ they were for.
(a) which (b) what (c) whose (d) who
Q. No.36. They all fell one ____ the other
(a) above (b) upon (c) on (d) over
Q. No.37. The correct translation of the sentence ‘He was extremely fond of travelling’ is
Q. No.38. The correct translation of the sentence ‘Good players are picked up from local
club.’ Is
Q. No.39. We can converse through either English ______ Urdu with them. They do not
know other language.
(a) neither (b) of (c) or (d) at
Q. No.40. The correct translation of the sentence.
(a) A sun is a planet.
(b) The sun is also a star.
(c) The sun is a galaxy.
(d) The sun is a star

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