Monday, September 17, 2012

MTMIS Pakistan Lahore Karachi Sindh KPK Peshawar Baluchistan Queta Islamabad

MTMIS ....Motor Transport Management Information System was first started in lahore punjab
from 1995. Almost all the date of vehicles running in lahore has been computerized by the govt of punjab
and now is available on official website of mtmis
mtmis system is also now available in others districts of punjab from 2007-08 to date.

MTMIS FOR KARACHI SINDH  has also started now any one can check information of vehicles online on this address

Online Motor Vehicle record

has not started online yet but govts are planning to introduce it like punjab province.
However in Islamabad and Karachi computerised registration have been started
visit this website for more 
on this website you can see
car chasisi number
engine number
date of registration
model no
transfer information
so it is easy in these days to check car registration information through mtmis 

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